Is Love After Lockup’s Lindsey Together With Scott or Blaine?

In the chaotic world of ‘Love After Lockup,’ Lindsey Downs, Scott Bradshaw, and Blaine Bailey each embarked on intertwined romantic odysseys. Season 3 witnessed the tumultuous unraveling of Lindsey and Scott’s ill-fated connection, drenched in deception and accusations. Lindsey’s journey took a twist in ‘Life After Lockup,’ where she briefly danced with Diaonte Sierra before revealing her true source of happiness, the enigmatic Blaine Bailey, in season 4. As these love stories unfolded on the small screen, viewers were captivated by the twists and turns, tumultuous breakups, and the uncertain futures that awaited each participant in the unpredictable realm of love after incarceration.

Lindsey Downs’ Relationship With Scott was in Crumbles From Start

Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw’s tumultuous journey on ‘Love After Lockup’ season 3, was destined for chaos right from the start. Bradshaw uprooted his life to move to Mississippi for Downs, promising to buy them a home. However, the dream turned out to be a rental, setting the stage for a relationship built on deception. Downs also concealed a significant secret from Bradshaw — her intimate 6-year relationship with close friend and prison confidante, Tara Belle. The unraveling of their love story continued as Downs accused Bradshaw of infidelity, leading to heated confrontations.

Downs retaliated by trashing Bradshaw’s house and tossing his belongings onto the lawn in response to what she perceived as his lies. The toxic behavior between them escalated, and their relationship ended on the show. Downs and Bradshaw’s relationship crumbled further after the show, leaving Downs back in prison and reflecting on a story she believes wasn’t accurately portrayed. Allegations surfaced of Bradshaw’s intoxicated episodes, including an incident where he threw Downs’ belongings onto her mother’s lawn and even placed a gun in the house to prevent her entry.

Reportedly, Downs claimed Bradshaw had called the police on her, escalating the already tumultuous situation. Cutting all ties with Bradshaw before returning to prison, Downs revealed she was done with the relationship. Even though Bradshaw attempted to reach out with a letter, Downs, who was incarcerated in an Alabama correctional facility until at least March 2022, was undeterred and decided to explore new possibilities.

Despite initial reluctance, she revealed that she set up a profile on a prison pen pal website, driven by the encouragement of friends who urged her not to let the past relationship dictate her future happiness. In contrast, Scott Bradshaw now appears to be enjoying the single life, living his best days with friends. Recent adventures, including a Thanksgiving trip to Mexico, suggest he’s moved on from the tumultuous chapter with Lindsey Downs.

Lindsey and Blaine’s Relationship Status is Shrouded in Mystery

Lindsey Downs, again, found herself entangled in a complex romantic web post her relationship with Scott Bradshaw. After briefly dating Diaonte Sierra in ‘Life After Lockup’, she rendered it a failed romance. Lindsey spilled the beans on her true happiness residing with her long-time friend, Blaine Bailey. Season 4, showcased the duo’s rollercoaster of a relationship, teeming with a blend of history, both good and bad. Attempting to rebuild their lives, Lindsey and Blaine bought a home together, navigating the challenges of sobriety and domesticity. However, Blaine’s looming legal troubles cast a shadow over their aspirations.

Opting to shield Lindsey from further stress, Blaine secretly accepted a 3-year house arrest deal. The revelation ignited fury in Lindsey when she discovered the truth, sparking trust issues between them. Amidst major blowups and heated discussions, Lindsey and Blaine confronted their problems head-on. The season’s finale witnessed a surprising turn when Lindsey gifted Blaine an expensive chain, a symbolic gesture preceding his unexpected proposal. The show left viewers on the edge, eager to see how their complex love story would unfold.

Since their time on the show, Lindsey and Blaine have weathered criticism for their relationship dynamics. The public scrutiny intensified when Lindsey faced backlash for not being by Blaine’s side during his surgery. The criticism heightened the pressure on their relationship, testing their resilience in the public eye. Despite facing challenges, they decided to bury the hatchet and mend their communication issues. Lindsey extended unwavering support during Blaine’s house arrest, determined to help him leave his past behind. Presently, Blaine remains under house arrest until 2025.

Meanwhile, Lindsey works as an independent consultant for Arbonne International, a vegan and cruelty-free healthcare brand. Rumors have circulated about the couple’s split, hinting at a separation maintained under the guise of a non-disclosure agreement from the show. Neither party has confirmed or denied these speculations, leaving fans in suspense about the true status of their relationship. Social media updates offer glimpses into their continued togetherness, but only time will unveil the true fate of Lindsey and Blaine’s love story.

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