Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago: Is MAFS Couple Still Together?

Experts and consultants played a crucial role in Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ meticulously matching contestants based on extensive interviews and a thorough understanding of their personalities and preferences. Amongst the couples of season 15 were Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago who embraced the challenge, hopeful of finding their true love. After being matched, they exchanged vows and embarked on their honeymoon, all while being filmed, to determine whether they wanted to continue their relationship. However, their journey proved more challenging than anticipated. Despite the obstacles, their unwavering determination and belief in each other instilled hope in the audience, suggesting they might be on the path to lasting happiness.

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago Overcame Many Obstacles

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago entered the show, optimistic about a successful marriage. Initially, their relationship appeared to be the most harmonious among the couples in the season. They quickly developed a strong rapport, demonstrating a deep understanding of each other’s needs and actively working to meet them. However, their first challenge arose during a retreat, where they engaged in a heated argument. This incident sparked concerns among viewers, with some perceiving Miguel as controlling and manipulative, while Lindy was seen as overly accommodating and lacking practical communication skills.

Many other contestants observed a stark contrast in Lindy’s behavior when she was with them and Miguel. Despite these observations, there appeared to be little change in her demeanor. Additionally, Miguel expressed a desire for Lindy to change her last name after marriage, a request she was hesitant to fulfill. Conversely, when Miguel neglected to include her name on his health insurance policy, it caused further distress for Lindy. These differences in expectations and actions contributed to the challenges within their relationship.

On Decision Day, Lindy and Miguel said “yes” to each other despite their challenges. They managed to overcome their issues, with Lindy acknowledging that witnessing Miguel’s vulnerability made her feel trusted. At the same time, Miguel confessed his admiration for Lindy, stating that he was inspired by her and deeply invested in everything she did. This mutual vulnerability and expression of admiration contributed to their decision to continue their relationship. They felt like they had found the love they had been looking for a long time.

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago Have Broken-Up

During the season reunion, Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago stood out as one of the few couples still together and seemingly profoundly in love. However, by January 2023, fans began noticing that Lindy was frequently traveling alone and not wearing her wedding ring, sparking inquiries about their relationship status. In February 2023, Lindy confirmed that the couple had separated, citing the difficulty of sustaining a relationship when only one person was committed to making it work. Despite the pain of the separation, Lindy expressed no regrets about being with Miguel, acknowledging that their marriage was an experience she wouldn’t trade, even though it ended.

Lindy has established herself as a doctor of physical therapy in San Diego and has a passion for travel. In October 2023, she announced that she had taken on a role as a flight attendant, seeing it as a practical way to facilitate her travels. Following her divorce, Lindy took time to navigate through the emotional challenges, describing it as the most brutal year of her life, and used her travels as a means to gain clarity and perspective. She went on trips to various destinations, including Mexico, Italy, Bali, and Peru. She made time for a vacation in November with her brother, sister, and nephew. One of her most recent and enjoyable trips has been to Japan, indicating that her adventurous lifestyle shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Since his separation from Lindy, Miguel has been prioritizing self-care and self-improvement. In March 2023, he received a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, which significantly impacted his quality of life due to severe back pain. He underwent surgery in March 2024 and has since been actively sharing updates on his health journey, including changes in lifestyle and diet to aid in his recovery. Miguel, who shares Lindy’s love for travel, visited Puerto Rico in April 2023 to reconnect with his family. Additionally, Miguel is a talented poet and shares his written words on his Instagram page. Despite facing challenges, Miguel remains open about his experiences, and we can hope for a swift recovery for this multi-talented individual.

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