Lisa and Usman: Update and Spoilers

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ documents international couples meeting for the first time after forming a relationship online, but instead of just romance, what ensues is drama, heartbreak, tears, and a lot of arguments. Lisa and Usman’s relationship in the most recent season of the show has been the same fiery and uncertain one, so, if you’re wondering where they end up, keep reading!

Lisa and Usman: 90 Day Fiance Update

Lisa Hamme, the 51-year-old native from Pennsylvania, met her online love, Usman Umar, on Facebook, and after connecting, they immediately got on a video call to ensure that neither of them was deceiving the other. After talking for a while, they formed a deep connection, and two years later, Lisa decided to make the trip to Nigeria to finally meet him.

Their relationship has had more troubles and arguments than anything else. Usman is a successful entertainer and musician in Nigeria known as “SojaBoy,” and one of the major issues between the couple is Lisa’s jealousy and inability to trust him when it comes to his female fans. Lisa has been cheated on before, so a little insecurity may be acceptable, but throughout the show, she has been trying to control Usman’s social media presence and interaction with fans.

Along with this, when Usman had hird a model for a music video for a song he wrote for Lisa, she demanded that they edit her out. Their intense arguments about his fans are a common occurrence now, and from the sneak peek of the next episode, its obvious that it will continue to be. Another thing that makes everyone unsure about the validity of their relationship is that Usman has admitted that his ultimate goal is to be the “the king of hip-hop and R&B in America,” and that he is not physically attracted to Lisa.

In the preceding episode, we saw further trouble for the couple when they had problems with their marriage documents. They had decided previously that they would get married while Lisa was in Nigeria, but since she didn’t bring her divorce papers from her past marriage, they hit a snag and had to hurry to get access to her documents before their courthouse wedding.

Lisa and Usman: Spoilers

Well, it looks like everything worked out for the better because Lisa and Usman are still together and happily married. Although they are currently still in a long-distance relationship, they are in it as husband and wife. After their small wedding ceremony on August 29, 2019, where Lisa didn’t wear any makeup as per the groom’s request, she changed her first name to his mother’s and her last name to match his and became Fatima Lisa Umar.

On their respective social media accounts, Lisa affectionately used to refer to Usman as “baby love,” while he called her “baby girl,” but now they have embraced the fact that they are married and publically call each other husband and wife.

Not everything has been sunshine and roses for the couple, though. On the leaked footage from the Tell-All episode, we saw that while Usman was trying to talk to Lisa about her using the n-word with him, she just changed the topic of conversation. Never once did she deny it, but she didn’t want to talk about it either. Plus, there are some reports that say that Usman wants to take up more wives as well. And although his religion allows it, his jealous and controlling wife may have a huge problem with it.

Yes, Lisa and Usman made it down the aisle in Nigeria, and yes, they seem extremely happy right now, but whether that continues after Usman comes to America remains to be seen.

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