Lisa LaBoo and Diedre Hill: Angela’s Sisters Are Determined to Share Her Story

It was October 22, 2018, when everything for 44-year-old mother of one Angela Bledsoe’s family shattered apart as she was found shot to death inside her affluent Montclair, New Jersey home. This much has actually even been evidenced in ABC’s ’20/20: Diary of a Killer,’ especially as it shines a light upon the way they’d gradually realized she’d long been a victim of domestic abuse. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the individuals to have subsequently had the loudest voices in the fight to attain her some justice — her siblings — we’ve got the details for you.

Who Are Angela Bledsoe’s Sisters?

It was reportedly back on February 11, 1974, when Angela was born as one of four to Gaynelle and Ray Bledsoe, with her siblings being Diedre Hill, Lisa LaBoo, as well as Ray Gardner (only boy). This brood then grew up surrounded by an even louder extended family, detailed group activities, and unwavering love, all of which enabled them to develop their own sense of individuality too. So, of course, they were well aware of one another’s potential, driving Lisa to concede she knew from an early age her baby sister would one day accomplish wonders thanks to her brilliant mind.

Therefore, when Angela followed in her footsteps to enroll at Florida A&M University before finding her own path in student government and the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Lisa couldn’t be prouder. “[My sister] had 11 job offers [at the time of her graduation], which was phenomenal,” she continued. “She was so smart, she was hardworking…” — this was to such an extent she managed to buy her first home at 27. But alas, no one could have ever imagined her thriving career as a Financial Advisor would inadvertently lead to her demise as it was how she came across her future partner, attorney James Ray III.

Lisa vividly remembers that although James was secretly married when he first became involved with Angela, their connection was so strong they did take the next step soon after she fell pregnant. “At the time, they were dancing together,” she candidly revealed. “They were cute. They were happy. He swung her around. You know, they were just having a good time.” However, things changed once they actually moved in together — per Diedre, the spark faded and she began indicating he’d evolved into someone controlling whom she didn’t even know. In the end, it resulted in her brutal, heinous homicide.

Where Are Lisa LaBoo and Diedre Hill Now?

Following Angela’s unexpected, untimely passing, the beautifully innocent 6-year-old daughter she shared with James was placed in her family’s custody, and today, Lisa serves as her legal guardian. In other words, from what we can tell, this Eustis resident, Florida A&M University alma mater, MBA graduate, plus entrepreneur is now a proud family woman through and through. She’s blissfully married to a man named Christopher Laboo, has children of her own, and is glad to have Alana in her care, all the while serving as the CEO-President of Prosperity Investment Services Inc. as well as Prosperity Real Estate LLC.

As for Diedre, it appears as if she’s a happily married family woman too, but not much else is known about her as of writing since she prefers to keep her life well away from the public eye these days. However, we do know that both she and Lisa genuinely miss Angela to this day, which is why they now seem determined to share her story with the world to keep her memories as well as legacy alive. It’s also part of the reason they’ve ostensibly decided to let Alana know the whole truth and keep her an active part of the conversation.

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