All Indiana Jones Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best

Name – Professor Henry Walton Jones Junior
Profession – Teaches Archeology and practices as well, at the Marshall College, Connecticut. At times, he helps the US govt. to recover priceless antiques, also dabbles in espionage.
Marital Status – Once a blue-eyed boy of the ladies, now settled with his fiancée turned wife of many years.

I am sure you have heard of Indiana Jones!

Yup, that’s right, that rush of blood that just went through your body leaving you a tingling feeling, it’s called goosebumps. And the only archaeologist adventurer in the world, capable of doing that, is Indiana Jones. An archeologist who dabbles into the search for lost treasures and artifacts, the character is one of the most memorable roles played by Harrison Ford, other one being Hans Solo. Indiana Jones was conceptualized by the collaboration of two visionaries George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It’s said that George Lucas had convinced Steven Spielberg to direct the movie, as he had conceived a character who was essentially James Bond, minus the junk ! The concept of a nerd looking college professor turning into a leather jacket wearing, bullwhip wielding, fedora adorned badass was appreciated by the cine goers. In the span of thirty-six years, there have been four movies that told the adventures of Indiana Jones and have catapulted themselves into the hallowed hall of fame of cinemas, with a fifth one planned in 2020.

We, at The Cinemaholic ranked all Indiana Jones movies in order from worst to best. Here’s the list. Hopefully, your question, what is the best Indiana Jones movie, will get answered with this article. The question, how many Indiana Jones movies are there, automatically got answered.

4. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull (2008)

The hopes were high. The expectations were skyrocketed. After twenty long years, Indiana Jones came back to the silver screen. The old fans, the new fans (twenty years is a long time!) all came bustling into the theaters. But the end product was, well, let’s say, meh! The part-4 had everything in it. Nuclear blasts, CIA, KGB, triple agents(!), giant ants, cannibals, aliens even flying saucers!! Everything was there, still it wasn’t able to bring the customary joy that’s typically associated with an Indiana Jones movie, where Professor Jones sets out on a mission to find his missing friend and his link to a mysterious crystal skull. The mission leads him to his long lost girlfriend and a son, that’s born out of wedlock. The problem with the movie was the overused concept of the Alien hunting. There had been so many movies with similar concept, which made this one looked dated. The movie raked moolah worldwide but for the fans, it wasn’t like the before. The movie starred John Hurt, Shia Labeouf, Ray Winstone and Cate Blanchett as the evil Dr. Spalko.

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3. Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom (1984)

After the stupendous success of the ‘Raider Of Lost Ark’, cine lovers were eagerly waiting for the next adventure of Indiana Jones. ‘Raiders Of Ark’ had created so many questions about backstory of the protagonist. So ‘Temple Of Doom’ became a prequel of sorts. It was set in the pre-independence India, where Indiana Jones, along with his sidekick Short Round are seen hunting for the missing Sankara stones. Conceptualized as a dark movie, it had its adventurous and funny moments like its predecessor but was heavily criticised for stereotyping various cultures including the depiction of Indian kings having monkey brains for desert, for which it was banned in India for a long time. The movie’s climax is spewn with much brutality and horrific sequences such as the chief priest Mola Ram (Played by the late Indian actor Amrish Puri) of the thuggee clan removing the heart from an alive man, which was again questioned, as the movie had a PG-13 rating. Opened to mixed reviews, over the years, it has gathered a favourable rating, thanks to the fans.

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2. Indiana Jones and The Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

This was the film where the legend began. The fedora wearing, bull whip wielding adventurer was introduced to the world, with his epic journey to find the lost ark of covenant. His tryst for the ark, pits him against Hitler’s Nazis, who believe that ark is the source of great power and can win them the war. The adventure takes Indy through the dungeons of Peru, to the casinos of Nepal, ending in the sand dunes of Egypt. ‘Raiders’ was the ultimate adventure movie that won many accolades for its adrenaline pumping sequences as well as the dry humour. The movie introduced Indy’s longtime sidekicks Sallah and Marcus Brody, who later featured in the subsequent movies. It became one of the largest grosser of the year, earning itself nine nominations at the Academy awards, including ‘Best Picture’, eventually winning four.

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1. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)

‘The Last Crusade’ was the last of the series for a long time, before ‘Crystal Skulls’ came in 2008. In every aspect, this reached the crescendo of success for an Indiana Jones movie. With growing demands for the the backstory of the character, Mr. Spielberg decided to create the story arc for Indy. In ‘The Last Crusade’ the viewers get to see why Indy has a fascination for bullwhips and the reason behind his mortal fear of snakes. ‘The Last Crusade’ is about the legend of the holy grail and one of the last few famous movies to depict the holy grail, as a chalice before the world went crazy about Dan Brown’s theory. ‘The Last Crusade’ also introduces the world to Prof Henry Jones Senior, played by Sir Sean Connery. The highlight of the movie is the blow hot blow cold relationship between the Joneses, which’s hilarious. In one of funny sequences, we get to see Indy getting face to face with the Führer himself. Madcap adventure, booby traps, puzzles, it had everything that constitutes a blockbuster. ‘The Last Crusade’ is the pinnacle of the success that Indiana Jones series of movies had.

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