Update on Lit Handlers From Shark Tank

Episode 25 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 featured Destiny Padgett, a young entrepreneur who hoped to expand her business by getting some of the most successful tycoons to invest in her company named Lit Handlers. The quirky and innovative insulating drink sleeves impressed a lot of viewers, who would be curious to know how “lit” the future of Lit Handlers really is. Let’s find out, shall we?

Lit Handlers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

As the proprietor and brains behind Lit Handlers, Destiny Padgett is a young entrepreneur who graduated in 2012 from an online college called BYU Pathway and started her own company just four years later. Although she hasn’t publicly shared where she got the idea for this firm, we do know that Destiny originally called it LITcancoolers, only changing it to its current name when she came out with the patent-pending koozies with handles soon after. “The Littest Handlers and Koozies” is how she markets her products online.

In simple words, Destiny’s Lit Handlers are coverings that suit every beverage in a way that keeps them at the preferred fixed temperature. From water to champagne and ice cream tubs to bottles, these handled protections keep cold items cold and hot refreshments hot, ensuring that the consumers’ hands never feel as if they’re freezing or burning. After all, unlike the regular foam or fabric-made koozies, Destiny’s Handlers are manufactured out of wetsuit-like water-proof 3mm neoprene — a synthetic rubber that maintains flexibility no matter the temperature range.

Lit Handlers: Where Are They Now?

Not only are Lit Handlers designed in a way that makes beverages easy to pick and hold onto, but they are also reinforced with a side pocket for small user essentials, whether it be lip balm tubes, band-aids, tin mints, or cell phones. Most importantly, though, because of the variety of sizes, colors, and shapes available, this product can be used by everyone, including toddlers, with their tiny hands. Destiny Robison Padgett, it seems like, had planned for everything, and she has not failed to deliver.

While Lit Handlers’ can handlers sizes include 8 oz. for mini cans, 12 oz. for stubby cans, and 16 oz. for regular cans, its tumbler handlers capacities include two different 12 oz. for beverages like coffee and wine, along with 20 oz. and 30 oz. tumbler handlers as well. Moreover, the company even offers jug and glass sleeves, bottleneck coverings, and pint ice cream holders. And as if all these weren’t enough, they also make totes, backpacks, fanny packs, lip balms, car-safe coasters, popsicle holders, and much more.

Plus, for consumer ease, the Lit Handlers website has a sizing chart, so you can figure out precisely what you need to order to fulfill your requirements by simply checking that out. With nearly a dozen sizes (and growing), in about hundreds of different prints, the price range for the Handlers products varies from $4.99 for the smallest koozie to $69.99 for a large backpack. Based in Buna, Texas, the firm trades only on its website and Amazon for now. Yet, it hopes to expand in all areas – manufacturing, sellers, and overall inventory – very soon.

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