Little Fires Everywhere Episode 7 Recap/ Review

Little Fires Everywhere’ is Hulu’s adaptation of Celeste Ng’s novel of the same name. While the series has been uneven in its appeal, it does manage to weave a complex and compelling narrative that is hard to not be intrigued by.

With two episodes to go, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ has managed to brilliantly place all its set-pieces in position, promising viewers an intense resolution. The custody battle over Bebe/Linda’s child is closer than ever. The personal journeys of each of the characters also seem to have concluded its “middle” phase. Hence, viewers can expect multiple plot threads to be tied up neatly.

 Little Fires Everywhere Episode 7 Recap:

July, 1997: Izzy goes to a party with April. Her classmates are playing spin-the-bottle. Izzy gets April and the two go to a closet to kiss. However, their classmates open the door and see the two making out. April tells everyone that Izzy forced herself on her.

Back in December of 1997, Izzy writes a note and sticks it in April’s locker, asking if she wants to meet. Meanwhile, the trial begins. Bebe’s lawyer tries to show the court that Bebe was suffering from postpartum depression. However, Bill (he is representing Linda) shows the court a picture of Bebe/Linda’s daughter’s frostbitten hand. He manages to depict that Bebe could have either been depressed or conscious about abandoning her child due to her poverty, not both.

Elena confronts Mia in the washroom regarding Pearl’s biological parents. She threatens Mia, saying that the world, including Pearl, will know of the truth soon. Pearl lies to Moody about having a Minority Achievement Committee (MAC) meeting since she has plans of spending time with Trip. Moody figures out she is lying from Brian. Lexie gets accepted to Yale.

Trip tells Pearl that Mia paid Bebe’s legal fees and that Mia has $500,000. April replies to Izzy’s note and agrees to meet. April asks Izzy why she has been acting strangely. April tells her that she freaked out after the spin-the-bottle incident.

Elena gathers the family for a Christmas photo. Izzy does not want to wear her keds. The two get into an argument and Elena ends up shouting at Izzy. Izzy holds a middle finger out in the photo. Mia decides to tell Pearl the truth. However, before she can say anything, Pearl asks Mia about the $500,000. She asks her mother why they have been living the way they have if they had money to settle down somewhere. The conversation heats up and Pearl ends up shouting at her mother, asking her to leave her room.

Bill sees Elena’s card statement and orders for the bill from the restaurant that she went to in New York (with Jamie). Izzy sets up a stall with dolls of babies of different races for sale. She wants to make a statement. April acts the same way that she has been, despite their conversation earlier. The school calls Elena. Elena tells Izzy that it is tough being her mother.

Mia takes the stand. Bill shows the court how Mia does not know Bebe enough to be her character reference. He does not ask her about Pearl’s real parents though. Pearl tells Trip that they have to tell Moody the truth because she does not want to be dishonest like her mother. Elena is cutting off Izzy from the Christmas photos when Bill sees her doing so. Izzy sees cutouts of herself from the photo in the dustbin.

Brian and Lexie end up arguing about the latter copying Pearl’s essay. Lexie almost tells Brian that she had an abortion. Brian breaks up with Lexie. Moody sees Pearl and Trip exit the car and Trip putting his arm around Pearl. However, Trip does not tell Moody anything. Elena talks to Pearl privately, most probably about her true parents. Then, Elena drops Pearl home. Pearl walks inside crying without saying a word to Mia.

Little Fires Everywhere Episode 7 Review

The seventh episode of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ serves as the beginning of the end. Conclusive events finally start to take place as multiple plot arcs advance towards completion. This is the episode that displays all the conflicts of the show in their highest intensity. One of the most memorable scenes from the episode sees the Richardson kids sitting in the living room silently, each one of them going through something.

The seventh episode depicts just how much change each of the characters has been through over the course of seven episodes. It makes the entire mini-series feel swiftly paced when in reality, it has suffered from unevenness. This episode also depicts traces of the imminent destruction of Elena’s picture-perfect life. This is the moment of creative destruction that viewers have been waiting for. To sum it up, the seventh episode finally sees bubbles of conflict beginning to dance vigorously as the drama ceases to simmer under the surface.

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