What is Little Richard’s Net Worth?

Richard Wayne Penniman was an icon in the music industry. His talent and showmanship set the grounds for an era of rock and roll in the 1950s and the future to come. His raspy voice, along with the way he played the piano, is an experience of its own kind. Often called, ‘The Architect of Rock and Rock’ he played a vital role in creating the soul of not just rock music, but also rhythm and blues. His contribution to the music industry is perennial. 

How Did Little Richard Earn His Money?

His road to fame started when Tharpe heard a 14-year-old Penniman singing her songs. She called and inspired him to pursue a professional career in music. After having sung at church choirs all throughout his childhood, he was also really taken by playing the piano. Penniman’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ was an instant hit and remained a classic for the years to come. It rose to the second position on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues Best Seller, moving to cross charts even overseas. His second hit wasn’t far behind and came through ‘Long Tally Sally.’

Along with his best selling music, he also came to be known for a lot of things. His body stature earned him the name, ‘Little Richard’, and his vocals were appreciated for being unique and distinct from what was familiar. In 1962, however. Penniman decided to go on a Europe music tour as his music wasn’t selling as much as he wanted in the US. The Beetles even opened one of his shows at New Brighton’s Tower Ballroom.

The notable figure has earned many awards and accolades throughout his life. He has even been honored by many institutions and is part of the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ since 1986. He has also achieved a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Recording Academy. Having played a huge role in setting up popular music as we know it, he inspired many other musicians to follow suit to create and extend on that legacy. In 2015, he received a heartfelt appreciation in the form of a ‘Rhapsody & Rhythm Award’ from the National Museum of African American Music. This was to revere him for bridging the racial gap through his music.

A biographical film was made in 2000, to commemorate his musical career, which also includes experiences and known facts about him from his personal life. This includes his love life that consisted of Ernestine Harvin, the famous socialite Audrey Robinson, and the multitude of news regarding their relationship. His sexuality and relationships were nothing short of a controversy. He also battled with drug addiction that created quite the uneasiness in his life. Penniman is succeeded by his son, Danny Jones, who he adopted with his former wife, Harvin. In any case, the legend was extravagant not only in his personality but also in the world of music, topping charts one after the other, creating a record in the history of music. 

Little Richard Net Worth 2020

Although Little Richard began from humble beginnings, having spent several years in the industry before he became a mainstream musician, the singer soared to unimaginable heights with ‘Tutti Frutti’ to ‘The Girl Can’t Help It,’ every other song he made in between, and more. His music career also secured him a sound financial base for several years to come. His net worth at the time of his death in 2020 was estimated to be $40 million. His chart-toppers created a positive financial avalanche that kept him comfortable for the longest time. And now, although deceased, he will continue to live forever in the history of music. 

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