What Is Shaun Gayle’s Net Worth?

Shaun Lanard Gayle, born March 8, 1962, in Newport News, Virginia, is one of the most successful former professional American football players of all time. The National Football League (NFL) star had started playing football as a cornerback and safety when he was attending Hampton Bethel High School in Virginia itself. When he fell in love with the sport, he went on to pursue it professionally as well. If you’re wondering more about his career trajectory or his net worth, then keep on reading because we have all the details for you.

How Did Shaun Gayle Earn His Money?

Shaun is an alumnus of Ohio State University, where he sharped his playing skills by being a part of their football team as well. In 1984, he got his first big break when the Chicago Bears drafted him in the 10th round. He was the 271st pick for the team. He played eleven seasons for the Chicago Bears, from 1984 to 1994, and it is with this team that he won a Super Bowl Championship in 1985. During this season, he played in all the 16 games and was able to make 18 tackles. He was also a part of The Super Bowl “Shuffling Crew” video.

Shaun holds the record for returning the shortest punt for a touchdown in the NFL history. He made this when he returned a five-yard punt against the New York Yankees in 1985 for a touchdown. Little by little, Shaun improved his skills further and was able to earn an NFL Pro Bowl selection in the year 1991. After his time with the Chicago Bears, he signed a one-season contract with the San Diego Chargers in 1995 before deciding to retire and end his professional playing career. His NFL statistics are 16 interceptions and two touchdowns with a total of 278 interception yards.

Apart from being a football player, Shaun has also dabbled in acting. He played Apollo in ‘Book of Swords’ (1996), a doctor in ‘The Merry Gentleman’ (2008), and was the second community leader in the movie ‘The Promotion’ (2008). He also has the producer, director, writer, and actor credit in the 2008 short film ‘Little Quarterback.’ Currently, Shaun Gayle is doing what he does best and sticking to the football game by working as an NFL analyst for Sky Sports, which is a British subscription sports channel.

Shaun Gayle Net Worth 2020

With a total of twelve seasons in the NFL with just two different teams, Shaun Gayle, as of 2020, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. His work as an analyst and actor has surely given his net worth a push, but the majority of it is thanks to his playing career.

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