Where Are Lizette Farah and Mauricio Gebara Now?

The Search‘ is a Netflix show which is based on some shocking true events. The Spanish language series carries with it one of the staples of true crime dramas: a truly f***ed-up family. However, instead of relying on major twists and turns, ‘The Search’ meditatively and slowly perplexes viewers with the corrupt state of Mexico’s public offices and institutions. Its biggest twist, as a matter of fact, is revealed at the very beginning of the show.

‘The Search’ revolves around the disappearance of a four-year-old girl named Paulette Gebara Farah from an upscale neighborhood in Mexico. Nine days later, her dead body strangely appears in the crevice between her mattress and the foot of her bed. The investigation into her disappearance (and subsequently her death) slowly becomes marred by political corruption and “influentialism.” Its a tale where everyone remains to be a suspect, including Paulette’s family.

Naturally, two of the most important characters in ‘The Search’ are Paulette’s parents: Mauricio Gebara and Lizette Farah. The character of Mauricio is played by Daniel Haddad while that of Farah is essayed by Verónica Bravo. Several viewers would have wondered what happened to the two real-life characters and what they have been up to.

Where is Lizette Farah Now?

Lizette Farah is the daughter of the Lebanese immigrant, Bechara Naim Farah, and Lidia Farah. Her family is behind a successful fur business, Confecciones Farah.  She studied at Colegio Oxford, where she became friends with Amanda de la Rosa. She married Mauricio in April of 2001.

Photo Credit: Lizette Farah

However, Farah and Gebara were already having quite a difficult marriage. Reportedly, she had a lover, which her husband knew about. Even before Paulette’s death, it had become apparent that the marriage was not working. The two separated after Paulette’s death. However, she managed to get custody of her first daughter from Mauricio. She even sued the government for moral damages while Paulette’s case was going on. She demanded compensation of 531 million pesos.

Lizette argued that her marriage also failed because of the actions of the attorney general during Paulette’s case. She had also accused the authorities of pointing a gun at her during the investigation, attempting to strong-arm her into a confession. Have a look:

Lizette Farah is not very active on social media. Her Facebook profile — that you can find here — has been set private, so we cannot really tell what is she up to these days.

Where is Mauricio Gebara Now?

Similar to Lizette Farah, Mauricio Gebara is also not very active on social media. Hence, information regarding his current whereabouts is scarce. The show reveals the fact that Mauricio did not receive custody for his first daughter. Apart from that, local sources have revealed that Mauricio bought, remodeled, and sold ATM Civil Association. Unfortunately, that is all the information available.

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