Logan Storm: Where is the Pedophile Now?

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? Weathering the Storm’ chronicles how the authorities eventually caught up with convicted pedophile Logan Storm. He was apprehended twice in different countries before being extradited to the United States for his conviction trial. So, who is Logan, and what did he do? Do not worry, for we’ve got you covered.

Who is Logan Storm?

28-year-old Amy Anderton was recently single and having the time of her life in 2010 spring. She enjoyed every minute of her singlehood and said, “I was excited about love and romance. I thought the world was my oyster, and there were a lot of fish in the sea.” In March 2010, she was hanging out at an Irish pub in Portland, Oregon, when a patron approached her and casually started a conversation. The charming stranger with a thick Irish accent introduced himself as Logan Storm.

Logan claimed he was a school teacher and a do-gooder and seemed quite interested when Amy told him how she did community work for a non-profit. According to the episode, she returned home late that night to find a matchbox inside her bag with a note about how much he fancied her. Intrigued, Amy called him, and Logan insisted on a date the following night. She recalled how he talked about growing up in Ireland and about a 12-year-old son who lived with him for three days a week.

As Logan and Amy became close, he confessed to her about his dark and disturbed past. According to the show, she claimed how he alleged his father spent time in a psychiatric hospital and his mother was forced to send a young Logan to his grandparents in Belfast, Ireland. Though he did not precisely state he was involved with the Irish Republican Army (IRA), he indicated it to be a primary reason behind the authorities deporting him to Portland. Logan had also allegedly told her how he was attempting to build his relationship back with his parents.

By May 2010, Logan had introduced Amy to his young son, and the father-son duo moved in with her in mid-May after he claimed to be suffering from financial troubles and unable to pay rent. She had wanted to take things slow but agreed with the move since she was eager to help out her new lover. According to the episode, Amy’s friends fancied Logan and urged her to continue the relationship as he seemed a good fit for her. However, she grew suspicious when she learned how Logan had been allegedly mentoring a former student turned stripper.

In June 2010, Amy and Logan’s relationship turned tumultuous after he went out late at night to help his student and give her a ride home from a strip club despite his girlfriend’s foreboding. Amy found the behavior disturbing and snuck into his room on July 23, 2010, to make a shocking discovery. While looking inside his room when he was at work, she found a jewelry box on his table that contained a pen drive hidden under other trinkets and stuff.

Logan Storm is Under Restricted Police Supervision Today

Curious about what her boyfriend had been keeping from her, Amy plugged the pen drive into a computer to make a shocking discovery. The device contained hundreds of pictures of child pornography — explicit images of little children being raped and abused. Fearing safety, Amy immediately fled to her family home in Utah and asked Logan to move out. Once safe in her family residence, she contacted the authorities to turn him in.

The Multnomah County Child Abuse Team confiscated Logan’s computer and two pen drives, though they did not immediately arrest him. Once the authorities verified the images, they issued a warrant in his name. But, Logan had fled the country the following day, driving to Canada and then fleeing to Europe, where he remained for more than six months. Meanwhile, the authorities discovered he had taken a false identity and had never been to Ireland.

Court records state Logan was a former teacher at Stoller Middle School in Beaverton, Oregon. According to police reports, the forensic examiners found his thumb drives to contain classroom photographs of his former students at Stoller Middle School alongside graphic child sexual abuse cartoons and other child erotica. Months later, Logan’s attorneys convinced him to return to the United States to face his charges. A federal court convicted him on one count of child pornography on January 29, 2013.

Logan was allowed to remain out of custody pending a detention hearing the following morning. However, Logan cut off an electronic monitoring bracelet and fled again, with an ensuing international manhunt for the second time. He was apprehended in Mexico City, Mexico, around six weeks later. The 37-year-old was sentenced to 84 months in prison in the child pornography case and to a consecutive term of 12 months for failing to appear for a detention hearing in court on September 10, 2013.

The judge further ordered Logan to be subjected to ten years of supervised release with stringent conditions upon his release from prison. He will be restricted from using his computers or associating with minors. The court also required him to participate in sex offender treatment and register as a sex offender. According to court records, Logan, in his late-40s, has finished serving his sentence and remains under restricted police supervision.

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