9 Best Movies to Watch on Hulu When Lonely (March 2024)

There are many movies that are a source of healing. When we are feeling low, left out, or lonely, such movies offer a safe place, even if it means letting out all the pain. Thanks to the advent of OTTs, these movies are now at our disposal, and we can stream them as many times as we want until we feel better. In this list, we bring you movies to watch on Hulu when you are lonely. From comedy to heartbreaking flicks, the list has additions that will help you divert your loneliness, and it also has those that will help you share it with the characters.

9. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

Directed by David Gelb, this Japanese-language documentary centers on Jiro Ono, who is considered the greatest living shokunin (sushi craftsman) in the world. 85 at the time the documentary was shot, Ono (currently 98 years old) is the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 3-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The film delves deep into the artistry and tradition behind Jiro Ono’s sushi and what makes the sushi courses special. We also get to meet his sons Takashi and Yoshikazu and learn of their perspectives towards the family business. ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ is especially for those lonely souls who like to eat. The film can be watched here.

8. The Death of Stalin (2017)

Directed by Armando Iannucci, ‘The Death of Stalin’ is a historical black comedy that serves as an effective way to take your mind off your feelings by transporting you to a different era with a different environment. It revolves around the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1953 and its aftermath involving the Council of Ministers, wherein each of them was trying to prove himself as Stalin’s worthy successor. The political landscape, the urge for control, and the inherently trying time, all of which are blended with satire, make ‘The Death of Stalin’ an insightful and witty watch. It stars Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Jeffrey Tambor, Dermot Crowley, and Adrian McLoughlin. You can stream it here.

7. No One Will Save You (2023)

If you are alone at home and looking for something interesting and creepy that picks at your brain, ‘No One Will Save You’ is your choice. It follows a young girl named Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) who lives alone in her childhood home while dealing with a personal loss. However, things soon take a wild turn after she is subjected to torment by a group of extraterrestrial beings who use telekinesis to make her relive her past trauma. When she isn’t, she is busy fending off the aliens and keeping the people under their control at bay. In this movie, we find out whether she survives the invasion. You may feel that you are like Brynn if you are struggling to cope with your weird neighbors or the people around you who appear and behave weirdly with you, i.e., like the aliens. In such a case, you might learn a thing or two about how to deal with them. ‘No One Will Save You’ can be streamed here.

6. The Worst Person in the World (2021)

Something that every person suffers from and needs to suffer from, ‘The Worst Person in the World’ deals with indecisiveness and mistakes. We follow a young woman named Julie (Renate Reinsve) who tries to navigate her life through her 20s to her 30s, an adventure underscored by romance with not one but two contrasting men, grief, endurance, and self-worth. Julie is flawed in numerous ways, and so are we. Following her gives the viewer a sense of connection that arises from making similar mistakes and feeling the same way in the aftermath. Like life, ‘The Worst Person in the World’ is abstract and meaningful at the same time. It can be streamed here.

5. Stray (2020)

If you love animals and/or your loneliness stems from the passing of your pet, ‘Stray’ is a documentary that is custom-made for you. Directed by Elizabeth Lo, this captivating, immersive, compassionate, playful film is certainly a love letter to stray dogs. It follows three strays and showcases their experiences merely by following them in the streets of Turkey. There is no story or plot, and yet ‘Stray’ holds onto your attention as you smile to yourself, watching them spend their lives one day at a time. An exploration of the world of humans as seen through dogs, which provides us with a whole new perspective of life, ‘Stray’ can be streamed here.

4. Three Minutes: A Lengthening (2021)

Sometimes, the past can relieve us from the present. ‘Three Minutes: A Lengthening’ is a documentary directed by Bianca Stigter, which is bound to pull you out of your lonesome state and unexpectedly tap into your emotions. It analyses three minutes of footage shot in 1938 by a guy named David Kurtz. It includes moving images of the Jewish inhabitants in Nasielsk, Poland, right before they were removed from existence by the Holocaust. It is adapted from the non-fiction book ‘Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film’ by Glenn Kurtz, the grandson of David Kurtz. The place, the people, the period, the smiles, and the sense of impending loss make this film no less than a time travel. You can stream it here.

3. Flee (2021)

An adult animated documentary directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, ‘Flee’ showcases the journey of a man named Amin Nawabi (alias) who reveals his tragic story of escape from his hometown in Afghanistan to Denmark as a kid in the aftermath of the Soviet-Afghan War and an invasion by mujahideen forces. Rasmussen’s interview with Nawabi takes the form of a brilliant blend of real archive footage and animation through which we see Nawabi reveal his story for the first time in 20 years, one he has hidden even from his partner, who is soon going to be his husband. A strong memoir of self-discovery through personal struggle, ‘Flee’ is a story of survival that is bound to help you realize how important accepting your past is to live in the present. One of the reasons we can feel alone is because we have left our past behind. This film helps us reach back and pull it beside us no matter how painful it is. You can stream it here.

2. Mass (2021)

This powerful and moving film is about two parent couples sitting and trying to have a conversation about a tragedy that occurred six years ago, which marred them forever. Evan, son of Jay and Gail, was killed in a school shooting perpetrated by Hayden, son of Richard and Linda, who committed suicide after the shooting. God forbid you find yourself in such a situation, but if you are looking to vent out a similar kind of pain, ‘Mass’ gives words to thoughts that you wouldn’t want to address. A journey of loneliness, anger, and eventually acceptance, ‘Mass’ puts forward a painful yet relieving experience underscored by death. The film stars Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Reed Birney, and Ann Dowd. You can stream it here.

1. Nomadland (2021)

This film is directed by Chloé Zhao and is based on Jessica Bruder’s 2017 non-fiction book ‘Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century.’ All about loss and loneliness, we follow Frances McDormand’s character, Fern, who takes to the road as a nomad after losing her husband, her job, and even her hometown. While her experiences are a clear reminder of emotional isolation as much as a physical one, the little moments of hope and happiness make ‘Nomadland’ a film that reminds people that they aren’t alone in their loneliness. Fern remains alone till the end of the film, which states the obvious, i.e., often, there’s no happy ending. However, her interactions with people prove that seeking help and comforting others do help keep the isolated feeling at bay. The film won three Oscars at the 2021 Academy Awards. You can stream the film here.

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