Lori Fetrick AKA Ice: Where is the American Gladiator Now?

Netflix’s ‘Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators’ is an exciting docu-series offering an unprecedented sneak peek into the popular competitive reality show ‘American Gladiators.’ After its premiere in 1989, ‘American Gladiators’ went on to amass a significant fanbase as thousands of people tuned in to watch amateur athletes take on professional bodybuilders in a fight for glory.

However, rumors about the show’s treatment of its cast and the apparent use of drugs soon left a dark spot on its reputation. Nevertheless, with the Netflix show revealing all through one-on-one interviewers, we are introduced to several interesting personalities, including former gladiator Lori Fetrick, aka Ice.

Who is Lori Fetrick?

A native of San Bernardino, California, Lori Fetrick discovered her passion for athletics at a young age. Yet, bodybuilding was not a part of her original plans as she began excelling in volleyball, basketball, and softball while she was a student at San Bernardino High School. In fact, Lori always dreamed of representing her country in athletics, and her dedication assisted her in capturing all-league honors in all three sports for four consecutive years of high school. Interestingly, like several of her ‘American Gladiators’ co-stars, Lori began weight training as it helped her keep in shape as an athlete.

Still, it did not take long for Lori to discover her love for bodybuilding, and after graduating high school, she began working towards a career as a professional bodybuilder. On top of it, she even did modeling on the side and made quite a name for herself in the industry. Although ‘American Gladiators’ gave Lori a big break in the entertainment industry, she was already well-known as a bodybuilder before appearing on the show.

Sources state that Lori worked her way up to become an NPC National Level Bodybuilder, and although she was crowned the winner in the California State competition, she only managed a podium finish in the Nationals. Nevertheless, in 1990, ‘American Gladiators’ introduced Lori as the Gladiator Ice, and she instantly gained a reputation as someone who was not afraid to take the fight to the opponent. On top of it, like the other Gladiators, Lori also got an opportunity to appear in other movies and TV shows, including ‘CIA II: Target Alexa’ and ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.’

Lori Fetrick is a Fitness Trainer Today

While Lori Fetrick appeared on five seasons of ‘American Gladiators,’ she even participated in their live tour and represented the United States on two seasons of ‘International Gladiators.’ Besides, once the former bodybuilder realized how fans of the show idolized her and were eager to learn about her training routine, she released her fitness video ‘Lori Fetrick’s Power Workout’ in 1993. She wrote the book ‘Pure Fitness: Body Meets Mind’ alongside Robert Epstein, published in 1996.

After retiring from the professional bodybuilding scene, Lori started a gym in Orlando, Florida, before moving to Studio City, California, where she established her tanning salon, South Beach Tan Company. Although the salon shut its doors in 2010, she continued working as a personal trainer and even launched an online fitness on-demand service through which she took her coaching worldwide.

Apart from being a fitness trainer, Lori currently earns a living as a social media influencer and offers her services as a motivational speaker. However, she is known best for hosting the podcast ‘Chillin’ with Ice,’ where she invites other Gladiators as guest speakers and discusses their experience of being on the show. We are also glad to report that Lori has since come out publicly as gay, and we wish her the best for the years to come.

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