Lost in Space Season 2 Ending, Explained

After getting thrown across the galaxy through a wormhole, after surviving on an unknown planet for seven months, after turning their spaceship into a sailboat, and surviving other life-threatening challenges, the Robinsons have to face the biggest threat in the last episode of this season of ‘Lost in Space’. Not only do they have to fight against the treachery of Hastings, but also, they have to prepare for hundreds of alien robots ready to attack them. If you haven’t yet caught up with the show, you should head over to Netflix. Come back here to understand what that ending means for the Robinsons. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

First things first, the Robinsons have to free Robot from the clutches of Hastings. Maureen and John manage to find their way back on the ship, despite being intentionally stranded by Hastings, who cared more about his image and how his role would play out in history books rather than the lives of the people on the Resolute and that of the ones stranded on the Amber Planet. At first, they put Don on the task of drilling an opening into the room where Robot is being held captive. But then a new problem forces them to consider Plan B.

At the beginning of the episode, Will and Adler had landed on the metal strip on the planet to help heal Scarecrow. However, the lightning strikes appeared before their time and Adler decided to sacrifice himself for the cause. Will receives a ride back with Victor and his crew, but the aliens are hot on their tail.

The Ending: What Happened to the Alien Ships?

When Maureen realises that there are too many alien robots for them to fight or even run away from, she comes up with a way to trap them in a place and then crush them at once. However, the plan goes forward by only 80 per cent, and the aliens are only trapped not killed. In the meantime, Judy does the math and realises that they have enough time to get the children back to Alpha Centauri. She presents the solution to her family, and after some initial hesitation, they accept that this is the best thing they can do right now.

With the help of Robot, they get the alien engine onboard Jupiter 2. With Judy in command of the ship, all of the kids bid goodbye to their parents and get ready to fly away with her. All this time, the trapped robots start to show movement and they come close to cutting off the wires that are stopping them. In order to buy more time for the kids, Maureen starts considering her options. But in an unexpected turn of events, Smith rises up to the occasion and seizes the chance at her redemption. She enters the room, despite knowing that she is walking into certain death.

With more alien ships from all the planets in the solar system making their way towards the Resolute, Maureen and John have to find out a way to distract the aliens from Jupiter 2. They can’t fight those aliens, so they have to find a way to stop them in their tracks to give enough time to their kids to leave through the wormhole. If not, then the alien ships would catch up with them soon enough, and might even reach Alpha Centauri through the wormhole, which would mean the end of all the people who are already there.

With all the adults onboard the rest of the Jupiters, the Resolute can go down without any casualties. Crashing it would not just kill aliens on board but also stop others from gaining ground on their pursuit. However, even the nearest planet is too far to crash into. Lucky for them, there is something else floating around that wouldn’t just serve the purpose but would also prove fatal to the aliens if they get in contact with them.

Jump back a couple of episodes and think about the time when Penny, Vijay, Smith and the other guy had to get inside a freezing unit and fly out into space before Don picked them up. That whole fiasco was because that part of the Resolute had been infected by the metal-eating virus they had picked up from the Amber Planet. Captain Kamal had to make the decision of letting that part go, or risk infecting the rest of the ship. Yes, Penny and three other people had to go through a cold and terrifying experience, but this is where their sacrifice comes in handy.

Maureen sets a course for the Resolute and its severed limb to collide and destroy the alien ships on the way, if possible. While running back to the Jupiter, she realises that they don’t have enough time to reach back to the docking bay and that they will have to go down with the ship. However, Don West, once again, saves them from certain death as well as a very melodramatic moment. Robot creates the wormhole and the children sail away to safety.

Where Are the Kids Now?

In a massive twist, it turns out that the signal that Robot had used to locate Alpha Centauri didn’t come from there. In fact, it came from a ship called the Fortuna which was reported lost about 20 years ago and had been commanded by Judy’s biological father. Because Robot didn’t actually know the path to Alpha Centauri, he had to rely on any human-made signal that could be traced. Because no one thought about any stray ship, when Robot caught such a signal, Hastings deduced that it must be from Alpha Centauri. So, if you had any doubts on the intention of Robot and if he intentionally took them somewhere else. Don’t worry, he just did what he was asked to.

What this predicament means for the Robinsons and the rest of the people is that they not only have to focus on their survival but also find out a way to travel across the galaxy on limited fuel supply and without the help of an alien engine to wormhole their way to their children.

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