Lost in Space Season 2: Exploring All Filming Locations of the Show

Narratives around space explorations have become a regular these days with both films and shows. Understandably so, with our technological progress over the years, and of course, the current state of the world that we live in. Yet, very few of them are actually family oriented and meant for a target audience that comprises of kids and adults alike.

Netflix‘s ‘Lost in Space‘ offers a much-needed fresh perspective and is also one of its most accessible shows at the moment, especially with the scope of its audience. The series set 30 years into the future, centers around a 21st-century family of colonists, the Robinsons, and their extra-terrestrial adventures as they get lost and stuck on an unknown planet.

Sounds familiar? Well, the show is a reimagining of the 1960s show of the same name, which was, in turn, an adaptation of the beloved 1812 novel ‘Swiss Family Robinson that many of us grew up with as kids. Though ‘Lost in Space’ is an updated, well-made remake, it focuses on 21st-century issues and centers around a somewhat dysfunctional family. But the show intentionally steers clear from concepts and issues that could potentially make it complicated or dark and gritty like most of its counterparts. At its core, it is a fast-paced family adventure that offers both thrills and heartwarming moments.

The first season of Netflix’s epic family space drama ends with a major cliffhanger, but it also includes several literal ones. The show’s initial season was almost completely filmed in British Columbia, Canada, in all its mountainous and snowy glory. It also offers some absolutely mesmerizing scenes.  One of the most thrilling parts that the show offers consistently, at least through both its seasons, is the aspect of exploring a whole new world. After the wild ride and stunning visuals of the last season, we wonder what’s in store for us with the show’s new season. Here’s everything we know.

Lost in Space Season 2: Where Was it Filmed?

When Molly Parker first accepted the offer to play Maureen Robinson, she expected long periods of time spent inside studios, in front of green screens, as a series about space and aliens had to be dependent primarily on CGI editing. However, the team behind ‘Lost in Space’ proved these expectations wrong, as the series was shot mainly on location. The team then made use of heavy CGI to give these landscapes a strong other-worldly, alien feel. This means you can actually visit these stunning landscapes that feature in the series! The second season of ‘Lost in Space’ moved away from Canada and ventured into a whole new location with Iceland.


The production for the second season of ‘Lost in Space’ began in September 2018 and concluded in April 2019. It was primarily shot in Iceland and in majorly in three locations. The second season made us of landscapes with grand water bodies for which Iceland proved to be ideal. The filming of the scenes in Iceland was handled by the Icelandic production company Pegasus. The production of the series had to receive the green light from the Environment Agency to film in South Iceland, which it eventually received.

One of the locations used by the crew was Skogafoss waterfall. The waterfall is one of the most visited sites in South Iceland as it provides a unique of the walls from the top. It is situated on the Skoga River at the cliffs of the former coastline and offers a magnificent backdrop for the show. The shooting at Skogafoss required the construction of a 20-square-meter platform in the river and a small tower on the riverbank. Most of the scenes shot here made use of the waterfall as either the backdrop or took place inside the mist from the water.

Another location that was used for the shoot was the broad black beach west of Cape Dyrholaey. Dyrholaey was formerly an island of volcanic origin. The black sands of Dyrholaey and its volcanic rocks allowed the team to create an otherworldly feel for the location. The crew made use of smoke machines for the scenes that were filmed there. The third and final location used in Iceland was Gullfoss waterfall, located in the canyon of the Hvita river. Certain scenes filmed at Gullfoss made use of drones in their filming.

A common link between all three locations was the proximity of water. At the same time, all three locations offered raw landscapes and beautiful light that allowed the team to create mesmerizing visuals. Showrunner of the series, Zach Estrin, stated: “We needed to find places that people hadn’t shot before because we needed to create a whole new spectacular world.” This becomes evident in ‘Lost in Space,’ throughout both the seasons, with the way the landscapes used are both breathtaking and otherworldly. It powerfully creates an extra-terrestrial atmosphere that is both mysterious and fantastical, weaving together all these landscapes to create a whole new world of its own…Ready to be explored by the Robinsons!

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