Where is Lost Resort Filmed?

‘Lost Resort’ is TBS’s explosive social experiment that gives a real-time view of the burgeoning subculture of exotic wellness retreats. The unscripted series is centered around a bunch of guests who are helped by an eclectic team of alternative healers. The participants range from a married couple to a mother/daughter duo and a few singles. Most of these individuals have a traumatic past and they are on their quest for happiness. The healers help them out with alternative therapies such as rage rituals, shamanic cacao ceremonies, and orgasmic dance.

A look at the series and you would definitely be spellbound by the exotic locations featured in the episodes. From vibrant greenery to spectacular waterfalls, the locales are simply beautiful! If you are wondering where these scenes are shot, you are in for a treat. Check out our article and who knows? Maybe, you will be inspired to plan your next trip to this exotic site!

Lost Resort Filming Locations

‘Lost Resort’ has been filmed in all its entirety in the wilderness of Costa Rica. Well, Costa Rica, tucked away in the shores of the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, bordered by Panama to the southeast, and seated near the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, is home to a number of exotic wellness retreats. Located in this very country is a quaint little village called Nosara, known for its yoga centers and beaches like Playa Guiones. It also houses the Playa Pelada, SIBU Sanctuary, and Ostional Wildlife Refuge. To cut a long story short, ‘Lost Resort’ is filmed in this very location.

Nestled in this yoga village is the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, the site where ‘Lost Resort’ is specifically shot. Branded as ‘the salt of the ocean’, seated amidst the tranquility of the Nosara jungle, this haven offers visitors the pathway to find peace, balance, and rejuvenation. It has been serving as an ideal escapade for yogis, surfers, and wellness enthusiasts since its launch and hence is the perfect spot for ‘Lost Resort’ — which attempts to heal guests while immersing them in the magic of Costa Rica.

Greg Haywood, one of the stars in ‘Lost Resort’ described in his Insta handle about how the retreat helped him in connecting with a community, comprising of total strangers. He wrote: “One more day to launch. I’ve dreamed of being on TV since I was a kid and tomorrow that dream comes true. Not only that, but I learned how to love myself and I formed a sacred bond with 13 strangers that no one will ever understand except us.”

One of the healers, Benjamin, also took to social media to explain how healing happens in close proximity to nature, people, plants, and animals. Check out his post below.

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