John and Kristianna: Love After Lockup Update

Love After Lockup‘ Season 3 on We TV tells us that hope and love can spring in the strangest of places. In this case, it springs between two individuals, when one of them is behind bars. Couples start seeing each other while one of them is incarcerated, and when they get out of prison, they have a better shot at a new life. Often, things fall apart, and there is a resultant drama. So, what do we know about John and Kristianna? And, does their relationship stand a chance?

Who is John?

John Miller is a 46-year-old man whose relationship history is something of a trainwreck. Miller has had four marriages and two engagements. However, he believes he’s found something special with Kristianna. As she’s poised to be released from prison, John goes to the extent of turning his pickup truck into a wedding chapel cum honeymoon suite, with the help of his brother Kordell.

However, John’s daughter, Sapphire, is less than thrilled to hear about her father’s latest love interest when she goes online and digs up Kristianna’s past criminal records. John insists he shares something special with Kristianna that he hasn’t felt in relationships before. He plans on proposing once Kristianna is at the halfway house.

Who is Kristianna?

Kristianna, who is now 36, has had a series of infractions, including theft, prostitution, parole violations, and driving under the influence. She’s also been arrested multiple times on drug possession charges. Her packed criminal record also shows quite a few public intoxication charges. John recognizes that Kristianna has lived life on the wild side, but expects that she might turn things around now that she has something to look forward to on the outside.

John and Kristianna Relationship Prospects:

The two have been seeing each other for three months, nearly. John’s brother has already asked him about troubles with Kristianna’s criminal past. However, John seems to be more worried about her substance abuse. Moreover, Kristianna has a habit of parole violations, which might doom their relationship even before it begins.

Notably, neither of their families seem to have an opinion on the relationship, but John is sure that love will conquer all at the end of the day. One might almost feel hopeful for the couple, but here’s a spoiler to show that John and Kristianna’s relationship has probably not worked out.

Kristianna Lee Roth is back in jail. She’s at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women, for burglary in the second degree. Roth is slated to be released in 2023. You can check out her prison record here. So what if Roth is back in jail, she could have gotten married to John, right?

John does refer to Kristianna as his wife though we have not been able to dig up any Iowa marriage records to prove their union. While John does seem like someone who’d call her his wife even before marriage, Kristianna is serving time under her maiden name. However, reports suggest that when she was arrested, the name filed was Kristianna Miller, which would indicate that the two have gotten married.

At this point, there is quite a bit of speculation. However, one cannot doubt the authenticity of John’s feelings towards Kristianna, and despite their current predicament, one hopes that the couple can work things out.

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