Is Love & Translation Scripted or Real?

TLC’s ‘Love & Translation’ is certainly a unique show where the female contestants have to interact with their male love interests despite the glaring language barrier between them. As fans of the reality series might be aware, none of the girls featured in the show know English and hail from countries across the world. On the flip side, the men are based in the USA and know no language other than English. As expected, things are far from easy for all parties involved. While intriguing, the show’s premise has made many in the audience wonder about just how genuine the show is.

Love & Translation is Not Fake

We do not believe that ‘Love & Translation’ is a scripted show. The series certainly brings to life a unique concept that heightens the viewers’ sense of entertainment and disbelief. After all, it is hard to imagine that all the interactions between two love interests in the show happen without a common language and with no use of translators. However, there are many hilarious and heartwarming moments in the show that highlight that sometimes, words are not necessary when it comes to the language of love.

In season 1 of the show, the idea used by the show seemed certainly novel and became evident during a very crucial point. For any reality show, the first interaction between a host and the cast members is undoubtedly an exciting moment full of banter. However, when host Sangita Patel tried the same with the participating women, all she received were confused looks. Though somewhat hilarious to watch, the incident also solidified that the women, indeed, did not know English.

While no translators are used when the male contestants talk to their potential female love interests, it does not mean that the language barrier is always an issue in the show. When it comes to the women interacting with each other, they are shown liberally using mobile phones in order to converse with each other. This allows Spanish-speaking participants to interact with any other woman, no matter the language they speak. As such, the potential for verbal drama and altercations remains high.

Though the women are not exactly proficient in English, over the course of the show, many do pick up phrases while interacting with the male cast members. In turn, the American men also get to enhance their own language skills while also trying to woo the women they want without being able to charm them with words. While some might argue that a connection made without a common language might not be emotionally deep, love hardly knows such boundaries, as evident by instances on this show itself.

For the most part, it seems like ‘Love & Translation’ is as real as it claims to be. The hyped language barrier between the opposite sexes does seem to be a genuine one, which allows the cast members to get creative when it comes to finding love. Of course, misunderstandings are prevalent in a show like this but that also serves to highlight how crucial words can be when trying to communicate even the simplest of emotion or opinion.

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