Love Deadline: Exploring the Scenic Locations Seen in the Netflix Show

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline’ is a show that is sure to make dating show fans excited. What truly makes the series a delight to watch, apart from its undoubtedly unique concept, is the scenic locations in which our favorite stories unfold. With the cast members trying their best to find love, the places in which they create beautiful memories play a crucial role. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the viewers of the show have become curious about just where it is filmed.

Love Deadline Filming Locations

Much to the joy of those who cannot resist the beauty of captivating backdrops, ‘Love Deadline’ is actually filmed in various locations across the country of Japan. The very first season of the show takes its cast members to Okinawa and Kyoto, which are two very different but beloved locations in Japan. Other Japanese places in the series include Nasu and Hokkaido. The cast members also get to travel to Singapore. Naturally, viewers have developed a deep sense of curiosity for them, likely due to the cast members exploring these locations while on the show.

Okinawa, Japan

For around the first week of season 1 of ‘Love Deadline,’ the cast members live in Okinawa prefecture of Japan. Surrounded by the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the island is known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous scenic spots. Several times in the show, the cast members could be seen enjoying beachside meals or activities, which not only strengthened their bond but also allowed them the chance to explore potential love interests.

When the season 1 participants of the Netflix show were in Okinawa, they also explored several spots within the area. From making glassware for each other to exploring the blue waters on a transparent boat, the cast of the show missed no chance to make some unforgettable memories. The beaches and date spots also served as a beautiful start to their journeys, even though their time in the area was limited.

Kyoto, Japan

Following their time in Okinawa, the cast of season 1 of ‘Love Deadline’ went to Kyoto, Japan. A city steeped in history and culture, Kyoro’s connection to the essence of Japan’s identity is undeniable. For well over a thousand years, it has held a position of importance, especially given the length of time it has served as Japan’s imperial court’s seat. Even today, tourists and locals alike flock to the city to pay homage to Japan’s ancient culture and all that the people hold dear even today.

Unlike their time in Okinawa, the cast members of the series indulged in exploring Kyoto’s culture to the fullest. On their first date in the city, the women donned kimonos while the men were dressed in traditional apparel. From visiting significant temples to exploring the local food, Kyoto allowed the participants to learn more about each other since most of them were already past the stage of introduction and becoming good friends. For a significant amount of time, the cast members lived near Lake Biwa, just northeast of the city of Kyoto.

Nasu, Japan

After the cast members lived in Kyoto, ‘Love Deadline’ season 1 participants traveled to Nasu, Japan. The group spent two nights and got to enjoy domestic bliss as pairs formed with mutual agreement and lived together in a lodge of their own. Not only did the participants buy their own groceries, but they also cooked and cleaned. Each day, it was decided how many couples were formed who would be able to see just what the future might hold for them should they choose to live with each other.

Hokkaido, Japan

Traveling further north, cast members of ‘Love Deadline’ season 1 reached Hokkaido, Japan. While there, they enjoyed the snowy weather that the area is famous for. One of the activities that the cast members especially seemed to have found happiness in was snowboarding. Those who did not already know how to snowboard learned it from the more experienced co-stars. While there, participants also went on a date depending upon whom the girls chose.


For the final leg of ‘Love Deadline’ season 1, the cast members traveled overseas to Singapore. The opportunity certainly excited many as they got to experience several new activities and locations, all the while trying to see if they might have found their perfect love match. The island country is well-known for its diversity in culture and ethnicity. Within Singapore, many new love stories were formed and several hearts were broken as the participants realized that their time to make a decision was coming to an end.

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