Is Love Like a K-Drama Scripted or Real?

Hosted by Yuko Fueki, Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ is a Japanese series that combines the world of acting and reality TV in a way that you might have never imagined. In the show, female actors from Japan are given a chance to not only travel to South Korea but also work alongside actors from the country. Together, the cast members go through several rounds of auditions, each one for a singular episode of the K-drama that they are all helping in the production of. At the same time, they try to see if there is a possibility of love blossoming between them while trying to leave their mark as a K-Drama star. While the heart-touching moments in the series have helped it earn many fans, several viewers are also curious about just how much of the show is as real as it claims to be.

Love Like a K-Drama is Not Completely Scripted

For the most part, it does not seem like ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ is fake. That is not to say that the events that we see unfolding on our screens are completely raw, but the feelings showcased by the cast members during the show do seem to be genuine. A lot of discussion about the show’s scripted nature is likely due to its very concept. While the cast members are trying to find love, they also have to participate in auditions with their chosen partners in hopes of landing a role in at least one episode of the ongoing K-drama, which everyone is shooting as well.

So, while enjoying the Netflix series, there do come moments where we are transported into the world of fiction as the cast members are seen acting out scenes from the romantic show they are producing alongside the social experiment. However, it is quite easy to see just what events are being done according to the script of the romantic Korean show. While the making of the said series is one of the main objectives for the cast members, it’s the love stories blossoming between them that have the viewers invested.

For the most part, it is easy to believe that the romance ongoing between the cast members while they go through various rounds of auditions and pairings is genuine. That is not to say that there is no drama and unexpected confessions, but that does seem to be expected when everyone lives in the same house and is working on the same project. While there were some obviously engineered scenarios that the cast members had to tackle, the tasks are part of the show and do not take away from its authenticity.

After the season 1 finale aired, many of the viewers seemed upset about the fact that the final confessions were seemingly predictable, and the episode apparently only served as a season recap with obvious confessions and words. However, this also supports the fact that the show seemed to be trying to portray the real feelings of the cast members, as instead of dramatic and gasp-worthy twists, almost everyone chose to be with the person they felt they had an obvious chemistry with.

Despite the fact that ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ is full of actors who are working together to bring a scripted romantic show to life, the reality series does not seem to be fake. The cast members of the show are well-known artists who seem to follow their hearts and while that can often lead to ups and downs that we cannot help but follow with bated breath, the overall nature of the show comes out to be a legitimate one that is true to how its participants feel.

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