Is Is She the Wolf Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is a Japanese dating reality show that is sure to make your heart flutter. The show features five women and five men who are all trying to find love. However, things are far from simple as at least one of the female contestants is a “wolf” who can only disclose the truth during the final round of confessionals. Despite the devious-sounding premise, the on-screen events make you root for the blossoming love stories, even those involving the “deceivers.” But is the show as legitimate as it seems, or have certain events been scripted? Well, here is what we know about the same!

Is Is She the Wolf Fake or Real?

No, we do not believe that ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is scripted. The show is actually based on another Japanese show called “Who is the Wolf?” However, there are some significant differences between the two series. The first major element that differs between the two is the fact that the Netflix series only has female wolves, while the original show features wolves of both genders. Additionally, in the second show, the identity of any and all wolves is only revealed at the end of the season. The cast of ‘Is She the Wolf? is also significantly older than its sister show.

One of the primary reasons why the Netflix show does not feel scripted is the lack of drama and abundance of consideration. Most of the cast members are involved in interactions that align with how one might expect them to act. In situations where two people are vying for the attention of the same person, the “rivals” do not seem to hold ill will for each other, which is certainly a mature outlook to have when it comes to love and romance. However, that does not mean that the participants do not get jealous, though their way of handling such emotions certainly is less dramatic than one might be used to from a reality TV show.

Interestingly, it’s the behavior and feelings of the so-called “villainous” cast members that truly make one believe in the legitimacy of the experiment. Instead of donning an “evil persona” and focusing only on their roles, the wolves often struggle to continue the charade. In season 1 of the show, it was revealed very early on that Julie (AKA Ju!ie) ) was one of the wolves, and her struggle to not fall in love with Robin Furuya, knowing that the outcome will be a heartbreaking one truly allows the viewers to feel for her. Moreover, it is not just Julie who found it hard to deceive continuously those whom she had come to care for, whether platonically or romantically. Their struggle to keep up the charade not only adds to the tragedy of the situation but also adds to the fact that the show is legitimate, given the vulnerability shown by these cast members.

In the show, most of the cast members are celebrities in their own right and are not confined to a single space. Most of them go about their work as usual, though they do have to complete a certain set of tasks before the end of the experiment. That said, they do have a space of their own to hang out and conduct meetings while also working on their assigned tasks. Given that the participants are not exactly cut off from the real world, their feelings come off as more genuine and heartwarming.

Overall, we do not think that ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is scripted. The participants’ feelings seem as genuine as possible, and their continuous attempt to not hurt anyone only adds to the genuineness of the whole concept. Though some cast members are assigned as wolves, their heartbreak at deceiving others makes the show appear much more human. Hence, it is no wonder that the viewers often end up shedding tears of happiness and sadness alongside the cast, depending upon the situation.

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