Is She the Wolf: Where Was Netflix Show Shot?

Though Netflix’s ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is primarily focused on various love stories that develop during its development, the various visuals featured in the show are also enough to take the viewers’ breath away. In this Japanese dating reality series, the cast members often travel to different places in order to complete specific tasks, which not only show off the beauty of these places but also allow certain bonds to grow deeper and stronger. Hence, it is no wonder that people are pretty curious about the filming locations of this show, and we are here to share what we know about it!

Is She the Wolf Filming Locations

‘Is She the Wolf?’ is filmed in various locations across the beautiful country of Japan, including the cities of Tokyo, Kanazawa, Aomori, and Tokamachi. Other places in Japan, also seen in the series, include the Shizuoka prefecture, Shōdo Island, and Hokkaido. The production of season 1 of the show took place over the course of three months, starting around March 2023. Let’s dive right into the details of these captivating locations, shall we?

Tokyo, Japan

The majority of ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is filmed in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. The region serves as the primary base of production as it is where the cast members live and interact the most. Most of the dates seen on-screen take place within Japan’s capital, as do the meetings and hangouts. Some significant events like Taiju Shiratori’s match in season 1 that were shown in the series also happened within Tokyo.

Shizuoka, Japan

Next, we have Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture, home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. The cast members of ‘Is She the Wolf?’ season 1 visited the area to enjoy glamping and then clicked the picture of Diamond Fuji. This is a rare moment that happens during certain times of the year under the right weather conditions; the sun shines brightly behind the peak of Mount Fuji, making it shine like a diamond.

The other beautiful place within the Shizuoka prefecture seen in season 1 was the Shiraito Waterfall, located in Karuizawa, Japan. One can see a beautiful rainbow across the waterfall if certain weather conditions are met. This was the location chosen by Mikako to click a picture with the assistance of Masaki Nakao, as Julie (AKA Ju!ie) and Robin Furuya acted as subjects.

Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa, Japan, is located on the banks of the Sea of Japan. This is where Honoka Nishimura conducted her photo shoot in ‘Is She the Wolf?’ season 1, with Gabby and Taiju Shiratori as her subjects, while Tomoki Yonemura helped her behind the lens. The result was a stunning picture where the two people in the picture were reflected in the seawater, creating a truly magical moment.

Aomori, Japan

In season 1 of ‘Is She the Wolf?’ Sakurako Okubo chose Tomoki Yonemura and Robin Furuya to accompany her to Aomori, Japan. The city is well known for its cherry blossom trees. However, Sakurako chose a particular location within Hirosaki Park (which is located in the Hirosaki castle), where two cherry blossom trees come together to create a heart space in the negative space.

Shōdo Island, Japan

It was Shōdo Island, or Shōdoshima, in Japan that Julie (AKA Ju!ie) and Masaki Nakao went to in ‘Is She the Wolf?’ season 1 to have a handholding photoshoot. The island in question is located in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, providing visitors with a beautiful sea view. The beautiful sandbar also seen in the show is known as Angel Road, which can only be used during low tide and acts as a bridge between Shōdo Island and three small islands in Shikoku, Japan.

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido, Japan, was chosen by Gabby in season 1 of ‘Is She the Wolf?’ to have her photoshoot. She chose Taiju Shiratori as her companion for the quest, and the two could click a beautiful picture of a lonely tree in an open field in the town of Toyokoro within Hokkaido. The photo was taken at sunset, with the two waiting for two hours for the perfect shit, but the end result certainly seemed worth the wait.

Tokamachi, Japan

Providing one of the most breathtaking views in ‘Is She the Wolf?’ season 1, Tokamachi, Japan, is undoubtedly one beautiful city. The cast members went to a particular location during the daytime where they had to click a picture of a beautiful natural occurrence called Angel’s Ladder, referring to rays of sunlight breaching the clouds to shine on earth as beautiful beams. Initially, the picture seemed impossible due to a lack of clouds, leading to the final confessional being canceled. However, as the cast members prepared to have a group picture to commemorate the moment, the magical moment finally happened, leading to a successful mission.

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