Preview: Love Island Season 2 Episode 29

Episode 28 of ‘Love Island USA’ Season 2 is all about relationship development. It is good to see, for a change, that the islanders are concentrating on strengthening their bonds with their existing partners. Of course, distractions make an entry among a few pairs — after all, this is what ‘Love Island’ is all about, right? You can find out the details in our recap section. Now, if you are already done with episode 28, you might want some insights into the next part. Well, here is our detailed preview of the 29th episode.

Love Island Season 2 Episode 29 Release Date:

‘Love Island’ season 2 episode 29 will premiere on September 24, 2020, on CBS, at 9 pm ET/ PT & 8 pm CT. Following the two-hour season premiere, new hourly episodes drop every day at the above time slot. Each Saturday features a two-hour recap or the preceding week’s episodes, featuring exclusive interviews and never-seen-before, behind-the-scenes footage.

How to Stream Love Island Season 2 Episode 29 Online?

US viewers can easily catch up on the latest episodes of ‘Love Island’ at 9 pm ET on CBS from Sunday to Friday (minus the Saturday recaps). Needless to mention, you will need a cable package. If you have a cable login, you can catch the season on the CBS official website. Otherwise, episodes are also available on CBS All Access. If you are a cord-cutter, you can resort to the multiple live TV streaming services, namely, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now. Additionally, already released episodes can be rented or bought on Amazon Prime Video.

Love Island Season 2 Episode 28 Recap

“When Johnny asks Cely to be his girlfriend, the entire Villa celebrates and the romantic gesture isn’t lost on Justine and Caleb, who continue to grow closer with each passing day. As for Carrington, his head is turning more in the direction of Lakeyn, which is impossible for Laurel to ignore, especially when he steps out during a recent challenge” — this is the official synopsis of episode 28, as outlined by CBS.

The 28th episode takes off, following the events of episode 27. In Tuesday’s episode, we had seen new girls Lakeyn and Julia setting their eyes on Carrington — a gesture that irks Laurel. Things get even tenser when each of them asks him to accompany them on a beautiful mountainside date.

Episode 28 is mostly about the couples as they grow closer to each other. While Johnny makes a sweet gesture by officially asking Cely to be his girlfriend, Justine and Caleb’s bond grows stronger. The latter duo of islanders has not been featured much in the previous episodes. But it is mainly because they have avoided the surrounding drama all this while. It is satisfactory to see how one couple is focusing only on their personal development. However, Carrington and Lauren face a major roadblock when she sees her beau being more drawn toward Lakeyn.

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