Love Island Spain Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Conceiving the possibilities of forevermore, ‘Love Island Spain’ features a streak of singles who enter a tropical paradise to find love and connection. However, faced with the trepidations of drama, jealousy, and heartbreak, the singles have no choice but to meander through the season to find a lasting connection. The spinoff made its debut in 2021 and enthralled fans with the contestants and their chemistry. Since its conclusion, fans have continued to wonder more about the cast and their whereabouts.

Celia and Miguel Are Still Together

Winning the top spot and walking away from the show as one, Celia and Miguel have since continued to solidify their affection for one another and focus on growing as a unit. After the show, the couple took time to travel and get to know each other better.

Most recently, the duo celebrated their two-year anniversary and have continued to map the road to personal and professional success. Celia, the qualified nurse, is now working as an online creator and can even be seen on premieres and important events. Once an electrician, Miguel has expanded his abilities and has been working as a model and an influencer.

Adele and Jovan Have Supposedly Went Their Separate Ways

After making heartfelt evocation of their love for one another, Adele and Jovan walked out of the series hand in hand. The runners-up kept promises of forever close for quite some time. However, the two have since seemed to be exploring different paths.

With an apparent absence from each other’s social media accounts, the two have disappeared from their mutual Instagram accounts. Their last picture can be traced back to 2021; the two have unfollowed each other on social media platforms, too. Given these circumstances, it seems that they have now been exploring different paths.

Bea and Saul Are Still in Love

Bea and Saul proved that nothing could stand in the way of love throughout the series. From coupling on Day 1 to keeping promises of forever till the very end, Bea and Saul have continued to grow as partners and individuals. Having celebrated their two-year anniversary, Bea and Saul are even making milestones as professionals. Saul is working as a trainer and dietitian and even holds a modeling contract with an agency. Similarly, Bea has also expanded her area of expertise and has been dabbling in online creation as an influencer and model.

Mario and Marina Are Now On Different Paths

Establishing an unquestionable connection after failing to find common ground with other singles in the house, Mario Moure and Marina Rodriguez honed their relationship throughout the season. Despite failing to reach the finals, they still created several memories in the tropical paradise.

After the show, the individuals decided to go their separate ways. Since then, Marina has returned to exuding grace and finesse as a flamenco dancer. She recently worked in a performance with David Guetta. Similarly, Moure has also remained consistent in his resolve to become a better athlete. An expert at sprinting and running trails, he continues to widen his skill set and deliver remarkable results on the track. He’s even become an online creator and regularly partners with brands.

Pedro and Marina Are Making Progress Individually

Despite entering late into the reality dating series, Pedro Febrero and Marina Daza managed to find common ground on several fronts. Even though the duo’s relationship won them fan support, they couldn’t map the road to finals and were dumped from the island during the finals. After the show, the duo could not sustain the connection they had once found in the tropical paradise.

Since then, they have been making new milestones as individuals. Based in Ibiza, Pedro has been working as a model and continues to hone an ever-evolving following on social media. Marina has since become an entrepreneur and expanded her skills. She is now the owner of La Santo Phobia and Marina Daza, her personal brands catered to nails and beauty.

Pablo and Yaiza Are No Longer Together

In their time on the show, Pablo and Yaiza had mapped several hurdles to find each other. Despite overcoming doubt, concern, and other issues, Pablo and Yaiza managed to become one of the six final couples on the show. However, the two were ultimately voted out and left the house in the season finale.

After the show, the two couldn’t find the same connection as they had inside. Since their time on television, they have discovered other paths of success. Pablo has continued his association with bullfighting. As for Yaiza, the television personality has since become an online creator and found love with Pol Balleste, a soccer player.

Carla Cabera is An Explorer and Online Creator

Embarking on a unique journey, Carla, the then-saleswoman, had hoped to find love. Initially, she had coupled with Jose but quickly realized the connection she and Jesus shared was much deeper. After Jesus was unexpectedly dropped from the island, the television personality failed to find the same bond with anyone else. In the end, she was dumped from the house on Day 23 after failing to become a couple with any other single. Since then, she’s been working as an influencer and model. In addition to running a lucrative social media, she’s also an avid traveler and has recently visited Switzerland.

Jesus Palacios is Building His Career

Against the backdrop of the tropical paradise, Jesus, the then-dental clinic secretary, had hoped to find love in the ‘Love Island’ house. Albeit trying to find a connection with Fiona, Yasmina, and Carla, the television personality was unexpectedly dropped from the house after a fan vote. Since the show, Jesus has been working as a model and has amassed a significant following on social media. The online creator continues to share snippets of his life online. Not just this, he also dabbles in the hospitality industry. On the personal front, however, the television personality seems to be single. Instead, he likes to focus on his work and solidify his career trajectory.

Fiona Garcia Likes to Remain Outside the Spotlight

The part Irish and part Spanish English teacher had initially found love unfold with Jesus. However, after Yasmina’s entry, it became apparent that she had to find a connection elsewhere. Despite developing a connection with Jovan in the beginning, Fiona had to walk away from the island on Day 15 after being dumped. Since the show, the television personality has scaled new boundaries. With an ever-evolving following on social media, Fiona continues to grow as an online creator, too.

Yasmina Marti Has Found Love Elsewhere

Yasmina was the first bombshell to enter the tropical paradise and shake things up. While her time on the show was far from uneventful, the television personality ultimately couldn’t find the one thing she sought: love. Since the show, Yasmina has progressed on several fronts. She is now in a relationship with Ruben Leyton. Now a model, she has continued to enjoy personal and professional milestones with her friends and family.

Cynthia Benito is A Successful Physiotherapist Even Today

In the search for love, the Madrid native had embarked on a whirlwind journey in ‘Love Island.’ Entering as a bombshell in the house after Day 15, Cynthia discovered a brief connection with Miguel after the two went on a date. However, her time on the show was cut short when she was expelled from the tropical paradise on account of having found no one to couple with. Since the show, Cynthia has continued to map the road to success. She’s since refined her skills as a physiotherapist. The TikTok creator even shares tidbits of her life online for fans to view.

Nathalya Monyck is Now Focusing On Other Things

Nathalya had discovered a connection with Jose as soon as she entered the ‘Love Island’ house. However, her journey was cut short on Day 21 when she failed to find a deep connection and establish a lasting relationship. Since the show, the cocktail specialist has been expanding her area of expertise. From a growing presence on social media to other ventures, Nathalya has remained involved in a myriad of things.

Marta Amoros is Focusing On Her Personal Growth

An entrepreneur from Barcelona, Marta had hoped to find the person who could win her heart. Alas, after going on a brief date with Miguel, Marta couldn’t find a connection with anyone else. In the end, she was dumped from the group on Day 11 after another round of coupling. Since the show, the ‘Love Island’ star has kept a relatively low profile and maintained a life outside social media. Nevertheless, we continue to wish she’s found personal and professional success!

Jose Ortiiz Keeps Himself Outside the Limelight

Having described flirting as a hobby, Jose had ended up in the bad books of the five women minutes after entering the island. Nevertheless, he coupled with Carla on Day 1 and tried to establish a connection. Soon, he changed tracks when he realized that Carla and Jesus had found common ground. Later, he had a brief relationship with Yasmina and Nathalya. However, his hopes to find forever were crushed when he was dumped on Day 20. After the show, Jose has chosen to keep his private and professional trajectory outside the realm of media scrutiny.

Angel Segui is Growing Personally and Professionally

Image Credit: Angel Segui/Instagram

Hoping to find love and experience an ever-evolving relationship in the house, Angel entered the ‘Love Island’ villa. However, the then-student’s hopes were crushed even before he could create a lasting connection with anyone. The television personality was dropped on Day 27 after the last coupling session. Since the show, Angel has kept a low profile and likes to keep his personal and professional trajectory under wraps. However, we believe that Angel has since found love and continues to enjoy life with his friends and family.

Adonis Ramirez is Focusing On Himself

Hailing from Barcelona, Adonis had hoped to find and hone a genuine connection with one of the singles in the house. Just days before the finale, Adonis and Angel entered the villa. The real-estate agent had a brief date with Celia and even discovered common ground with Yaiza. However, after Yaiza ended up choosing Pablo in the coupling, Adonis was dropped from the ‘Love Island’ house. Since then, the television personality has kept himself out of the realm of media and has been focusing on his personal growth.

Alex Mislata is Now a Businessman

Alex arrived at the tropical villa as a bombshell among individuals who had already taken to other singles. As such, he failed to find a lasting relationship in the house and was dumped on the very same day of his arrival. Since the show, he’s been growing his brand and focusing on a myriad of creative fancies. Based in Valencia, the businessman has since regained the reigns of Jockey and Vendetta, La Primera Valencia, and Committee, famous gastropubs in the city. He is still an adventurer who continues to use his Instagram and social media channels to showcase his talents.

Curro Sanchez Is Focusing On Personal Growth

The soldier from Seville had come into the island on Day 5 along with other singles. In the brief time he was in the ‘Love Island’ villa, Curo managed to develop a connection with Yasmina. Albeit coupling up with the television personality for four days, the television personality was dropped from the island on Day 13 after failing to get chosen by a woman. Since the show, Curro has maintained a low profile and likes to keep his life under wraps.

Ricky Costantino is Living Outside the Spotlight

Ricky had parlayed into the tropical paradise in the hopes of creating a long-lasting connection and creating a future. As a kids’ football coach, Ricky had come to develop a brief connection with Adele. However, despite going on a date with the 20-year-old, he failed to find a genuine bond. In the end, Adele chose Jovan, which ultimately led to Ricky’s elimination from the house. Since the show, Ricky has been focusing on his personal and professional growth and likes to keep his life outside the limelight.

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