Love on the Spectrum US Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s hit dating series, ‘Love on the Spectrum,’ which left viewers touched in Australia, came up with its own version in the US, and the first season premiered in 2022. Like its Australian counterpart, the show was a huge hit, and everyone loved watching six charming and funloving singles on the autism spectrum looking to find love and get around the dating world with help and support from autism expert Jennifer Cook.

While the first season wrapped up quite some time ago, viewers of the show have been waiting with bated breath for the next season to arrive. However, having adored the cast from season one, fans wish to know more about their lives and stories and whether the couples are still together. We have got you covered.

Abbey and David Are Still in Love and Going Strong

Abbey Romeo Lutes, an influencer from Los Angeles, was introduced to David Isaacman on her first date. The pair was an instant hit as they found a lot of similarities between them, including their love for zoo animals, especially lions. With both wanting to visit Africa someday, they had no dearth of topics to discuss and talk about. In the 6th episode, during a fun-filled and cozy Christmas celebration, the pair chose to put a label on their bond by getting into a relationship.

Since then, the much-in-love duo have continued to live up to their choice and are still happily together. Abbey and David’s families have also grown quite close with each other, further strengthening their bond. The couple also celebrated their second anniversary in August 2023 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with their favorite animals. David and Abbey are quite active on social media, where they often share wholesome pictures of them going on dates and enjoying fun activities together. David and Abbey also appeared in the second season of ‘Love on the Spectrum US’ to have fans continue to be a part of their love story as they eventually end up taking their much-awaited trip to Africa.

Subodh and Rachel Mutually Parted Ways

California’s Subodh Garg had never been in a relationship before coming on ‘Love on the Spectrum.’ While firsts are always special, he instantly connected with Rachel Osterbach on their first date. Despite the adorable pair having minor differences, with Rachel enjoying television and Subodh not so much, they chose to focus on their resemblances. Their fondness for each other was evident, and they started dating on the show.

They celebrated their first anniversary of togetherness on June 24, 2022, with a boat ride and a charcuterie board. However, ardent fans of the couple were left heartbroken in October 2022 when they learned that the pair had split. In a social media post, Subodh’s family shared the news and spoke about their choosing to remain friends. Just when Subodh was likely about to lose all hope, fate intervened, and the love bells rang when he found himself falling for the strong and resilient Katina Gerstein. One thing led to another, and Subodh and Katina began dating on May 20, 2023.

The strong woman is a Rare Disease advocate and a Sepsis Survivor. She has been living with Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome for years now, but it hasn’t dampened her spirit and love for life. The lovely couple is completely smitten with each other and has embarked on multiple trips since getting together, from Disneyland to Hollywood. Not just that, Subodh is also tight with Katina’s parents and also attended her brother’s wedding. They are building a life together, taking one day at a time, and standing by each other through all the ups and downs. Subodh currently works as a data entry clerk and continues with his love for traveling and experimenting with different cuisines, the images of which, he keeps sharing on his social media with interesting tips and trivia for his ardent fans. He has also been looking after his fitness and actively working out.

Dani Has Likely Found Love Again, While Solomon Has Gone of the Radar

Dani Bowman, the animation enthusiast and CEO of DaniMation from Los Angeles was quite keen on finding love on the show. She went on a date with Solomon and found him to be quite attractive, leading the couple to give themselves a shot. Even though Dani and Solomon, did not share the same fondness for animation, she did not mind overlooking that as she had started falling for him. However, the speed of their relationship made her uncomfortable, and the realization that their goals did not align led her to break up with him on the show. Soon after, she opted for speed dating, and that introduced her to Adan Correa.

Dani and Adan were equally into art and had a fun first date in a Japanese restaurant. They had planned on a second date at a comic convention, but the couple separated before that as their busy schedules did not allow them to give a long-term relationship a shot. Eventually, Dani reunited with Solomon sometime after the filming of the show ended, but the couple soon after parted ways. After becoming single again, Dani tried to give love another shot by appearing in the 2nd season of the show, and she eventually reconnected with Adan. From the looks of it, the pair have decided to rekindle their relationship. However, it seems like they are keeping it under wraps.

Dani has been actively advocating for autism and other related disabilities in conferences, panel discussions, and her social media. She gave a breakout session at the 31st Statewide Center for Autism & Related Disabilities Conference, to talk about her own life and experiences. In December 2023, she gave the keynote speech at Autism Society Inland Empire.

Kaelynn and Peter Are No Longer in Touch

South Carolina native and autistic advocate Kaelynn Partlow opted for speed dating and came across Peter Cote. Their shared interests eventually led the cute pair to go on a date together. Kaelynn and Peter clicked, and both were quite eager to see each other again, leading to plans for a second date. While fans were excited to see their story unfold, they were left disappointed as the show’s conclusion informed that even though they had a second date, Peter had canceled on Kaelynn, and they have not seen each other ever since.

However, Kaelynn has not let that experience bog her down. A post on May 8, 2022, from her read, “What’s a queen without her king? Historically speaking, more powerful,” with the hashtag ‘independent,’ possibly hinting at her current relationship status. The fun-loving and goofy autistic therapist is quite active on social media and enjoys sharing updates and information on autism. She also posts snaps of her life with her friends, family, and therapy dog, Finnegan.

Steve and Connie Embarked Upon Separate Paths in Life

Young-at-heart sexagenarian Steve Spitz from Chicago had never dated before coming to ‘Love on the Spectrum.’ Viewers of the show hoped that the fun and quirky individual would be able to find love with either Candida or Connie, his two dates. Despite being excited about the prospect of finding love, both Steve and Candida had agreed that the pair lacked anything in common between them to proceed further. However, Connie had seemed willing to give them a bit more time to see if they might click.

However, despite Steve and Connie going on a second date, the former did not feel the spark and chose to not take things further. Even though he failed to find love on the show, Steve is more than optimistic about finding love now that he has announced his arrival on the dating scene. Holding onto that hope, Steve decided to return in season 2 of the show, but it seems like he has still not found the one.

James and Emma Have Remained Good Friends

Boston’s James B. Jones, a Renaissance Fair aficionado, signed up on the show hoping to find a long-term relationship. Even though he left fans emotional with his childhood experience of being bullied, James hoped that as an adult, he’d be able to click with someone for a long-term relationship. On the show, he found Emma and the two went on a couple of dates together. As their vibes matched with each other, James was hopeful that he had found his special someone.

However, Emma told him that even though they had a great time together, she wanted them to be friends. Though hurt, James agreed to the proposal. James and Emma have continued to remain friends, even after filming wrapped up. However, James is still in search of love, and though he remains active on dating apps, he signed up for the 2nd season of the show, hoping he will find someone long-term this time. The decision worked in his favor, as he was introduced to Maggie Magpie. Despite a couple of romantic dates, the pair chose to part ways as friends. However, it is believed that James is currently dating a mother and is quite happy as well. The self-proclaimed “proud nerd” loves to talk about all things films, books, games, and life and often keeps updating his social media with his takes and unique facts on the same.

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