Love on the Spectrum US Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

If there is one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum US‘ stands out in the sea of reality dating shows available owing to how it approaches the subject at hand. After all, not only does it follow a group of individuals on the autism spectrum as they dive headfirst into the world of dating, but it also subtly tackles some of the misconceptions circling them. So now that season 2 of this original has landed on our screens in its entirety, let’s just dive into the connections formed as well as precisely what the cast members are up to these days, shall we?

Abbey and David Are Still Utterly in Love

It was back in the summer of 2021 when Abigail “Abbey” Romeo Lutes first came across David Isaccman on a blind date at the zoo, only for them to immediately find a spark over their shared interests. Since they’re both obsessed with Disney movies and lions, the latter soon even went as far as to state he’ll take her to Africa one day to see these creatures in the wild — something he’d already done with family. Then came his beautiful gift to her in the form of a flamingo bracelet, their second date at the Lion, Tigers & Bears wildlife sanctuary, more adorable animal-related gifts from his side, plus her emotionally opening up to him on a deeper level to make their relationship official.

Abbey and David were honestly quick to meet one another’s families too, yet the one thing to never waver as they progressed over time was the care, kindness, respect, as well as understanding between them. The prime example of this is everything we witnessed in season 2 — mutual affection, him actually taking her to Africa, helping each other regulate emotions, talking about marriage, plus much more. It thus comes as no surprise this couple is still very much involved, with their respective social media platforms consistently giving us proof of the same, as seen above. We should also mention that David’s support has since enabled Abbey to grow as a hat entrepreneur, singer, and public figure.

Connor and Emily Seem to be Going Strong

Having never dated before, Atlanta, Georgia native Connor Tomlinson was admittedly overwhelmed when his very first time turned out to be a speed social event wherein it was the women changing their spots. That’s actually how he came across Emily, only to mark her no in the middle of their five limited minutes together after she said she wasn’t too into nature because hiking is one of his biggest hobbies. However, once he had time to think about it, he realized he’d been hasty in his decision and reached out to the event organizers in the hope of getting her contact information if she’d picked him.

Thankfully, Emily had, enabling Connor to ask her out despite the weeks gone by since their first encounter — the fact he was honest and she was understanding truly showed their maturity from the get-go. Yet what truly bonded them was their shared love for movies as well as having shih tzus named after ‘Star Wars’ characters; the former had Ben after Ben Kenobi, whereas the latter had Chewie for Chewbacca, leading their second date to be a dog playdate.

That’s when they got to know one another on a deeper level, driving him to take matters further by holding her hand before ultimately getting so agitated it took her explicit sense of care for him to calm down. Therefore, we’re happy to report it seems like this rising public figure, with his Carrideswithconnor YouTube channel plus usual TikTok profile, is still dating Emily and actually working up the courage to ask her to make things official by being his girlfriend.

Journey and Talia Didn’t Last Long

Since Journey was 17 when she was finally diagnosed with autism, the ensuing year was both a relief and a struggle for her considering she felt seen yet also didn’t want this disorder to define her. But alas, the truth is things did change for her in terms of dating because while she continued talking to women on apps, some of them just stopped responding upon learning of her neurodivergentness. It hence wasn’t until the producers set her up with Kara that she experienced her first date, only for it to end with them deciding to remain just friends as they had fun yet didn’t feel a romantic spark.

Then came Talia as another blind date, but she and Journey clicked from the get-go — they made some small talk, flirted, had deep conversations, and actually shared a few similar interests. Therefore, of course, they decided to soon have a picnic date too, at the end of which they planned to meet again, yet it simply didn’t pan out; the former was okay with going slow with this Chicago native owing to her inexperience but to no avail. So today, from what we can tell, this 19-year-old passionate home baker turned pastry student’s quest for love is still ongoing.

Dani and Adan are Still Blissfully Together

While it’s true Dani Bowman and her speed dating match turned formal date Adan Correa had parted ways in a romantic sense for a brief while following season 1, they reconnected back in 2022 itself. The truth is they hadn’t ghosted one another or felt uncomfortable in each other’s presence; their busy schedules merely didn’t align for them to pursue a long-term relationship at the time. However, things soon changed, and once this Danimation Entertainment Founder/CEO realized he was a good fit for her, she chose to go ahead with their long-awaited plan of meeting at a comic convention.

Dani and Adan’s reunion was honestly straight out of a movie since they were like two peas in a pot with their immediate attraction, no awkward silences, plus more patience than ever before. Thus came their third formal date, conversations about intimacy, a sweet kiss, followed by another date, him making her a ring, her giving a make-out lesson with the help of cupcakes, and them becoming official. So it appears as if this Los Angeles, California-based couple is still blissfully together, with the former serving as an entrepreneur turned public speaker while the latter is an animator and voice actor.

James and Maggie Have Mutually Parted Ways

Having faced his fair share of issues since he was a kid in terms of bullying, job opportunities, as well as social perception, James has always been fairly certain regarding what he desires out of life. It was, hence, no surprise when his split from Emma in season 1 left him a bit heartbroken despite them promising to remain friends and when he ended things with Jasmine before they even began owing to their different values. That’s when fellow Massachusetts native Maggie Magpie came into his life, just for them to have ease in their conversation plus share many interests, leading to them actively dating.

James did get a bit off-put by the fact she’s a vegetarian, yet he later conceded it was a “pretty minor thing” in the grand scheme of events, especially as he’d grown to appreciate her personality. The fact they’d shared sweet kisses on both their first and second dates upon planning for a third was also a massive plus, but they then just couldn’t align their romantic interests. Nevertheless, neither this long-haired Renaissance enthusiast nor the world traveler, nomad, frog lover, and witchcraft buff seems too hung up over it these days, mainly as they’ve actually maintained a friendship, and it appears as if the former is currently dating someone else entirely.

Tanner and Kate are Just Friends

24-year-old Clemson, South Carolina native Tanner Smith has honestly won everyone’s hearts with his extroverted personality, sheer sincerity, as well as vibrant kindness at every step of the way. However, from what we can tell, he is unfortunately still a bit unlucky in love, meaning he’s single and still searching for his one true Christian love/forever understanding life partner to this day. He did build a connection with Kate Liggitt while filming this original, but their spark ultimately naturally fizzled out without a forceful or uncomfortable push of any kind, enabling them to be friends even today.

Coming to their current standing, while Tanner recently graduated from Clemson University under their ClemsonLIFE program, Kate appears to be serving as an Instructional Assistant at the local Therapy Place facility. We should also mention the former is apparently still employed at Shepherd Hotel, where he hopes to one day take on the responsibility of a receptionist, whereas one of the latter’s photos was selected by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in 2023 to appear on a Times Square jumbotron to help facilitate conversations revolving around those with Down Syndrome.

Steve Spitz Now Leads a Quiet Life

At the age of 65, Steve merely wants an equal partner with whom he can spend the rest of his life at ease because he admittedly gets pretty lonely when he’s alone in his San Francisco home. “To have a lovely lady, oh my goodness; that would be an absolute dream come true,” he once said in the show. “I think I’m meant to be with a person, a woman. This loneliness thing is… it’s not for me.” But alas, from what we can tell, his hunt for love has been unsuccessful until now, and we don’t know much else regarding his personal experiences at the moment since he prefers to lead a private life well away from the limelight.

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