Love & Pebble Shark Tank Update: Where Is Love & Pebble Today?

Season 13 episode 7 of ‘Shark Tank’ saw entrepreneurs Lynda Truong and Paul Tran introduce their company, Love & Pebble, hoping for a life-changing investment from the Sharks. Love & Pebble manufacture entirely natural skincare products, and their flagship Beauty Pops offer a more accessible and interesting way to apply an exfoliating face mask. With such an engaging product on the line, we couldn’t help but jump in to find out more!

Love & Pebble: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Interestingly, Love & Pebble was born out of necessity and frustration with acne. Lynda Truong revealed that she lived with acne from a very young age which affected her self-confidence. However, times were tough, and skincare products were a luxury. Moreover, there was also no access to acne treatment or care. Thus, Lynda was forced to depend on homemade recipes. Surprisingly, her recipes worked wonders, and she was amazed at how therapeutic the whole process was.

It even showed terrific results when it came to her skin issues. Hence, Lynda wanted to share her creation with the world. Using her background in the medical industry and her husband’s experience as a pharmacist, the couple started their company Love & Pebble. The “Pebble” part of the name comes from how penguins show their commitment to their partners by offering them a pebble. Hence, the name signifies love and commitment, the two things the couple holds dear.

Using Lynda’s DIY recipes and their experience, the pair had to go through numerous combinations and prototypes, which took a total of two years of research and development. However, they ultimately found success and launched their flagship product, the Beauty Pops. Each pack of Beauty Pops comes with a 2-pop-mold, a spoon, a mixing spatula, and the skincare powder.

Making and applying the product is also extremely easy as users simply need to mix the powder with water, put the mixture into the mold and freeze it into popsicles. The popsicles can then be rubbed all over one’s face to apply a refreshing and exfoliating face mask. Lynda prides her product on its ease of use and its all-natural ingredients, including banana powder fruit extract, wild turmeric powder, papaya powder fruit extract, and organic aloe vera powder.

Love & Pebble: Where Are They Now?

The Beauty Pops launched in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, and Lynda had no idea that it would blow up on such a grand scale. The social media platform, TikTok, played a massive role in promoting the product as it became viral, leading to a surge in Lynda’s customer base. The product’s fame also led to it being featured on the popular ‘Today Show,’ further boosting sales and reputation.

With her product reaching a vast number of people, Lynda knew she had to expand and even began researching other products to add to her lineup. Today, The whole Beauty Pops set complete with the mold, powder, spatula, and spoon can be purchased for $46, while just a powder top-up will set you back by $29. Additionally, other products have been added to the Love & Pebble arsenal, including a Fresh Glow Kit ($38), Dermaroller Kit ($22), and a micro-needling serum tool ($159).

Extra ice mask molds and serum cartridges are also made available for purchase. Those interested in trying out Love & Pebble’s brilliant products can either purchase them from their official website or the online retail giant Amazon. With the company now set to cross even more milestones on the way to the top, we would like to wish both Lynda and Paul the very best.

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