Where was Love Wedding Repeat Filmed?

What is better than a wedding? A destination wedding! In the movies, a wedding has often been used as a setting to portray the clash of various characters. It is a great way to bring together an ensemble of actors and to put them in impossible situations, the tension of which is usually heightened by the stress that a bride and a groom take on their wedding day. Before ‘Game of Thrones’ turned weddings into a grisly affair, they were associated with the genre of rom-com.

Netflix’s romantic comedy, ‘Love Wedding Repeat,’ follows a similar premise. A wedding is to take place, and just like any other wedding; it comes with a number of problems. Jack’s sister, Hayley, is getting married, and it becomes his responsibility to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, it proves to be a challenging task when one thing after another pops up, and Jack finds himself running from one place to another to keep everything in check.

With so much drama crammed in one day and one place, it becomes vital to set the story in a location that can allow the movement for the characters. From the sitting arrangement to the place where the ceremony takes place, from the gardens where the characters first gather around to the rooms and cupboards where Jack tries to trap Marc, the film requires the space to keep the characters on their toes.

Apart from its humor, the location of Hayley’s wedding catches our eye. Naturally, you want to know where the scenes were shot. Here are the ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ filming locations.

Where Was Love Wedding Repeat Filmed?

Location is a crucial part of any romantic comedy. They create a mood for the story, giving the romance its warmth and appeal. A good rom-com employs its beautiful surroundings as a device to make a love story dreamier. And if there is a wedding, then the venue decides the impact the location will have on the characters. ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ does something similar by taking the story to a beautiful setting. All the scenes in Love Wedding Repeat were filmed in Rome.

Rome, Italy

The events in the entire film take place in Rome. The first scene, where Jack and Dina separate after hanging out over the weekend, is shot in the city. However, for the rest of the film, the production shifted to Frascati, which is a short distance from Rome.

For Hayley and Roberto’s wedding venue, Villa Parisi was secured. From its lavish gardens to the beautiful interiors, the place allows the movie a lot of room to film its various scenes. Its spaciousness also gives various backgrounds to the film, despite all of it taking place in one location. It adds the dreaminess to Hayley’s destination wedding and becomes the playground for Jack, who has to run around a lot, trying to catch up with the loose threads that will lead to the falling apart of his sister’s wedding.

Situated in Frascati, Villa Parisi is one of the twelve “Ville Tuscolane”. Set on the Alban Hills, these villas have been around since the Roman Republic. In earlier times, they were considered the status symbol for wealthy people, but now, their extravagance is captured in the movies. Known for their picture-perfect landscapes, they make for perfect destinations for a wedding, and hence, are a popular choice amongst filmmakers who want a beautiful background for their stories. Many of them also function as hotels.

Apart from Villa Parisi, the film also employs Villa Grazioli and Villa Tuscolana, both of which are equally splendid and attract tourists and filmmakers.

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