How did Luci Die? Did Shalom Brune-Franklin Leave The Tourist?

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What if you forget everything about yourself, including your name? What if you can’t remember anything while there are people out there trying to kill you? In Netflix’s ‘The Tourist,’ Jamie Dornan’s character lands in this situation, and things become even more complicated as he finds out more things about himself, unbelievable as they might seem. In between all this, he meets a woman named Luci, who appears to be a good samaritan at first glance but turns out to be full of secrets and lies. She turns out to be an important piece of the puzzle, but what happens to her at the end of Season 1? SPOILERS AHEAD

Luci Meets an Unexpected End in The Tourist Season 1

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

If it wasn’t for Luci, the Man would probably never figure out his identity and be killed before he ever gets to find out his name. It’s Luci’s note that gives him direction when he doesn’t have any options after having lost his memories following a car crash. Luci is introduced as a waitress at the diner, where Elliot is supposed to meet the person who will help him get to the bottom of the truth. Instead, he barely escapes an explosion that, at the time, seems to have been rigged for him.

Due to his presence of mind, it doesn’t take him long to figure out that Luci is the one who wrote the note. It is only much later that he discovers that the note wasn’t meant for him, and neither was the explosion. Elliot and Luci, aka Victoria, met when he was hired as an accountant for Kosta, Victoria’s fiancée. The affair between the two cost Kosta one million dollars, which held a lot of sentimental value for him. When they run away together with the money, Kosta sends people after them to get his money as well as his revenge.

When Luci/Victoria realizes that Elliot has lost his memories, she thinks about getting a fresh start with him. But she quickly realizes that he is the same person, and losing his memories hasn’t changed that one bit. She decides to flee the situation, leaving Elliot to his own devices, but comes back in the nick of time because she knows that Kosta will kill Elliot once he gets the money.

To save Elliot, Luci goes the extra mile and gets help from Kosta’s brother, Dimitri, who was supposed to have died years ago. A grieving Kosta had been hallucinating him all this while, and Luci thought that discovering he was still alive might change things for Kosta. Maybe he would want to change, giving Elliot and her enough time to run away. She turns out to be wrong, and Kosta’s decision not to believe his real brother over his hallucination leads to a shoot-out in which Luci is fatally shot. While Elliot tries to take her to the hospital, she bleeds out on the way and dies.

Shalom Brune-Franklin’s Return to The Tourist is Not Expected

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

With Luci’s part done in ‘The Tourist,’ it is highly unlikely that the show would return to her character moving forward. She was a part of Elliot’s life, but that part has already been explored, and going forward, Elliot is expected to dig deeper into his life before he starts working for Kosta and gets involved with Luci. Moreover, at the end of Season 1, he also seems to have formed a connection with Helen Chambers, and the second season is more focused on their relationship. This leaves little room for Luci’s return and to further explore, if any, her role in the story.

Considering that the first season does a good job of tying up loose ends when it comes to Luci, we don’t expect actress Shalom Brune-Franklin to return to ‘The Tourist.’ That is unless the plot absolutely demands it and Brune-Franklin’s increasingly busy schedule allows it. The actress, who has made a name for herself with her roles in TV shows like ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Our Girl,’ is set to turn heads with her role in ‘Dune: The Sisterhood,’ the prequel to Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune.’ The actress is gearing up for some exciting times ahead, so it doesn’t make sense for her to reprise her role in ‘The Tourist’ unless it holds a lot of weight for the story as well as the character.

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