Lucky Hank Episode 4 Recap: The Goose Boxer

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The fourth episode of AMC’s drama series ‘Lucky Hank,’ titled ‘The Goose Boxer,’ follows the aftermath of William Henry Devereaux, Jr.’s decision to not prepare a list of names of professors he can risk losing due to budget cuts. He meets the man behind the cuts and makes it clear that he will not go forward with the list. Lily Devereaux leaves for New York City to attend a job interview at Arlyle School, set up by her friend Tom. Hank starts to worry about the strength of his relationship with Lily as well. The episode ends with several questions unanswered, especially concerning the future of Hank and Lily’s togetherness. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lucky Hank Episode 4 Recap

‘The Goose Boxer’ begins with Lily leaving for New York City. She asks Hank to avoid getting jailed or hospitalized until she returns. Hank then meets Dickie Pope, who asks him the reason why he hasn’t yet written the list of professors he can lose. When Hank makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to make one, Pope tries to convince him saying he will be able to hire new professors in the future. When Hank returns to the English department, Paul Rourke confronts him and asks about his meeting with Pope. Realizing that Hank will not fight for the rest of the professors explicitly, Paul and other professors team up under the guidance of the former’s union rep.

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The English department professors decide to conduct a protest when Jeffrey Q. Epstein, a businessman not related to the eponymous sex offender, arrives at Railton College to see the technical center built in his name. Lily meets Tom, who arranges the interview for her at Arlyle School. Tom is excited that Lily may work with him, only for the latter to reveal that she is attending the interview only to use it as leverage at her current workplace. After her interview, Tom invites her to a small gathering with his ex-wife and her friend Ashley.

Paul and other English department professors arrive at the ground to protest against the impending firings of the faculties. A goose annoys Hank, who is on the ground with his friend Tony. Upon getting annoyed immensely, Hank puts on a boxing glove and starts to fight with the goose. A TV news reporter at the site shoots the same, only for Hank to realize that his childish behavior is getting broadcasted on TV. He proclaims that he will fight a goose every day until the management decides to not fire faculty members to save his reputation.

Lucky Hank Episode 4 Ending: Will Hank and Lily Break Up?

Ever since Lily leaves for New York City, Hank starts to worry about their married life, only to reach the conclusion that his wife thinks that he is boring. For a while, Hank hasn’t done anything to lift the spirits of his wife. Hank’s acceptance of his supposed mediocrity and passive-aggressive fights with his father William Henry Devereaux haven’t made Lily’s life any pleasanter. The only thing Hank did that excites her recently is his plan to move to New York City, only for him to scrap the same in no time. To further complicate the predicament, Tom kisses Lily while she is on phone with her husband.

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Although Lily doesn’t approve of Tom’s action, the same is the only noteworthy occurrence that has happened in her life for a long while. Even though she makes it clear to Tom that he shouldn’t have kissed her, Lily finds something in the same exciting enough to extend her stay in New York City. Lily’s words and actions do indicate that she expects more from her partner, only to get disappointed by Hank. Therefore, they both may need to work together to save their companionship. Having said that, their separation isn’t a guarantee. They may remain in the relationship because of the familiarity they have nurtured with each other.

Although Lily decides to spend the night in New York City, she may ultimately want to return to Railton. Lily may not want excitement and adventures to spice up her life frequently, which can be the reason why she chooses to continue working at her current school rather than seriously thinking about moving to New York City. Even if Hank is boring in his wife’s view as he fears, Lily continues to live with him upon accepting the same. Considering these factors, they may not rush to break up.

Will Anyone from Hank’s English Department Get Fired?

Hank becomes the hero of the English department when he proclaims that he will fight against the possible faculty firings. The novelist succeeds in doing the same only because he comes to know that Dickie Pope is paying $10 million for the technical center. It doesn’t take long for him to connect the dots and concludes that Pope is firing faculty members to raise the money necessary for the completion of the technical center. Since the predicament has gained enough media attention, Pope may not be able to fire faculties anytime soon fearing a backlash.

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In addition, Pope may realize that Hank knows about his and Jeffrey Q. Epstein’s deal. He may not want the same to get exposed anytime soon, which may lead him to silence Hank, even if it means avoiding firing professors. Since the protest is organized by every professor of the department, Pope may not be able to fire everyone to rebuild the department from scratch. Thus, we can expect Pope to not annoy department heads and Dean Rose about the lists for the time being. If that’s the case, Hank will not lose any of his professors.

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