Luísa Sonza: The Brazilian Singer Broke Up Recently

Focused on beloved singer Luísa Sonza, Netflix’s ‘If I Were Luísa Sonza,’ AKA ‘Se Eu Fosse Luísa Sonza,’ shares many details of the musician’s personal life/ From her dealings with her newfound fame to the effects of popularity on her love life. The documentary series delves into several aspects of Luísa’s life. Primarily, we get to know previously unknown details of her relationships with her romantic partners, which has now made the world quite curious about whether or not she is currently dating anyone.

Luísa Sonza’s Ex-Husband

As it turns out, Luísa Sonza’s first-ever public relationship was with Whindersson Nunes. The two had come across each other via social media when Luísa was still making her fanbase on social media. Impressed by her skills as a musician, Nunes had requested to meet up with her. Though he had a significantly more fan following at the time, Luísa was still unsure about meeting up with him socially and hence invited him to her meeting with a studio label.

The meeting between Luísa and Nunes marked the start of a relationship that first started of in a friendly territory before taking a romantic term. Though the two genuinely seemed to be in love, there were many who accused Luísa of trying to profit from Nunes’ fame. The couple had started dating in August 2016 and became engaged in March 2017, much to their joy. The happy couple tied the knot in February 2018 in a ceremony held in Alagoas, Brazil, and attended by 350 people.

However, Luísa and Nunes had to overcome many difficulties during their relationship. The former continued to face criticism for allegedly only getting married to her husband for fame. In 2019, a nude video of hers was posted on her Instagram without Luísa’s apparent consent, which only served to add to the couple’s troubles. Meanwhile, Nunes was trying to overcome his own personal struggles. Ultimately, on 29 April 2020, Nunes announced that he and Luísa were getting a divorce but remained on good terms.

Though Nunes had clarified that he and Luísa had decided to end their marriage because they had apparently grown apart, many started claiming that one of them had apparently cheated on the other, with most people pointing fingers at Nunes. Hence, Luísa had decided to clarify that nothing of the sort had happened, something that Nunes agreed with. However, when the latter tragically lost his unborn child to stillbirth shortly afterward, many started to blame Luísa.

Luísa Sonza’s Former Relationships

Following her divorce from Whindersson Nunes, Luísa Sonza has been in two other public relationships. In September 2020, months after the end of her marriage, the singer went public about her relationship with Vitão. Many of Luísa’s haters took to social media to tell Vitão to break up with the Brazilian icon. Additionally, her growing fame started to put the couple’s relationship to the test. Ultimately, on August 20, 2021, Luísa announced that she and Vitão had broken up, citing the public scrutiny as the reason.

In July 2023, Luísa went public about her relationship with Chico Moedas, a famous internet personality. The couple’s relationship gained much attention from the media, especially following the release of “Escândalo Íntimo,” Luísa’s third album, in late August 2023. The album’s song “Chico” gained international fame, making it one of the singer’s most successful works. However, in late September 2023, rumors began that Chico was cheating on his girlfriend. The two ended up breaking up, with Luísa confirming the infidelity.

Is Luísa Sonza Dating Anyone?

Presently, it does not seem like Luísa Sonza is dating anyone. Given her recent break up from Chico Moedas, it is certainly possible that the musician has decided to focus on her musical career. She also seems to be prioritizing her mental health and overcoming the negativity that she has been enduring for the last several years due to her rising fame and success. Among her former partners, Luísa is seemingly still on good terms with Whindersson Nunes.

This is perhaps why Nunes felt comfortable making an appearance on the Netflix show and did not seem to hold any grudges against his former wife. If indeed Luísa is dating anyone, she has decided to keep the details of the same under the wraps. This precaution certainly seems understandable, given the scrutiny that she has had to endure during her relationships. No matter the case, it is evident that the singer is likely to never lose the support of those who have genuinely come to admire her and her work.

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