Lupin: How Does Benjamin Get Out of Prison?

Image Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/ Netflix

The third season of Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ takes the audience through many twists and turns, revealing the lengths to which Assane Diop is ready to go to get what he wants. Previously, it meant that the people close to him would be out of harm’s way, but this time, things get tricky, and Benjamin finds himself at the receiving end of a betrayal from his best friend. Halfway through the season, Assane lets Benjamin be arrested for a crime that they were supposed to walk away from. If you are wondering what happens to Benjamin in the end and what his going to prison means for his and Assane’s relationship, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who Frees Benjamin?

Image Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/ Netflix

While Assane Diop might be a thief, he is a gentleman. In all of his crimes, he tries not to hurt anyone, least of all the people he loves. Benjamin and Assane have known each other since they were kids, and their friendship extends to being partners in crime. In all the times they robbed places, Assane kept Benjamin on the safer side, doing the heavy lifting so that even if things went awry, his friend would be out of harm’s way. This time, however, things are different. This time, it’s about his mother.

While Assane might have been ready to sacrifice Benjamin at the moment, it wasn’t his long-term plan to let his friend stay in prison for the rest of his life. He was just waiting to get his mother back and deal with her kidnappers. Once that was done, Assane would be free to focus on his friend’s freedom. Considering how dangerous his enemies were and how they were ready to kill Assane’s family and friends, he probably thought that it was better for Benjamin to stay in prison. At least there, his life wouldn’t be in danger.

Thanks to his mother Mariama’s sharp wit, the issue resolves quicker than expected. She escapes her captors and finds her son, giving Assane more time to figure out how to free Benjamin. His first thought is to get the Minister of Interior to do it. He knows that the minister is corrupt and worked with Pellegrini to keep him out of trouble before Assane found a way to land the man in prison for good. If he can find something incriminating against the minister, he can blackmail him to sign an order that gets Benjamin out of jail.

Image Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/ Netflix

Claire, however, doesn’t want that. She believes that they can get Benjamin out with the help of a good lawyer. They don’t need to resort to anything illegal to help their friend. It’s clear that she doesn’t want the father of her son to get entangled in more trouble just when he’s come back to his family. She always asked Assane to leave the life of crime and surrender himself if he didn’t want to run. This time, he listens to her, even though not entirely.

By the end of the season, Assane has dealt with his enemies and ensured his family’s safety. His mother is back home, his wife and son are out of danger, and there are no bad guys threatening them anymore because they are in prison. Assane had planned to run away with his family, but ultimately, he takes Claire’s advice and surrenders to the law. In doing this, he is also keeping his promise to Guédira, who didn’t arrest him and helped him in the case, putting his own career on the line.

When Assane is arrested, Guédira has a lot of questions, including how he faked his death. He is ready to reveal everything, but in return for it, he puts forward three conditions, one of which is to clear Benjamin’s name. He claims that his friend had nothing to do with the robbery of the bracelet and was, in fact, framed by him. Assane takes full responsibility for the crime, and now that the bracelet has been returned, it shouldn’t be such a problem to let Benjamin walk free. By now, Assane and Guédira have developed a relationship where they respect, if not trust, each other. So, the cop decides to fulfill the thief’s wishes, and Benjamin is released from prison.

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