Lynn Ban Net Worth: How Rich is Bling Empire Star?

As one of the most reputable names within the jewelry industry, Lynn Ban certainly puts the bling in Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire: New York.’ Throughout her appearance in the series, viewers get to see her rocking some of the most extravagant and unique accessories that one can imagine, which certainly allows her to stand apart from the crowd. Given her focus on her career along with her extravagant lifestyle, the public cannot help but wonder about Lynn’s career and her net worth. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

How Did Lynn Ban Earn Her Money?

Lynn Ban’s career within the jewelry industry started in 2011 when she launched her brand named after her. Before this, she used to work in the fashion industry and retail vintage couture. Having previously made custom jewelry pieces for herself before starting her own company, many of the designs sold by Lynn were of her design. Success came knocking on the Asian-American businesswoman’s door as her very first jewelry collection was picked by establishments like Barneys, Maxfield, Dover Street Market, Net-a-porter, etc.

Over the years, Lynn’s jewelry has been worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, etc. Her clients and their designers certainly don’t seem to be done with Lynn’s unique, bold, creative, and unconventional designs. After all, the designer is known for utilizing the unexpected and creating something truly awe-inspiring. “Lynn has always supported me at the beginning of my career and has always done amazing things,” Rihanna’s stylist and creative director Jahleel Weaver told Vogue. “I’m excited for what she is going to do in the future.”

During the pandemic, Lynn scaled her business back and was seemingly only focused on custom commissions from private clients. However, in March 2022, she launched her debut resort collection. The event celebrating the venture was attended by many, including Tina Leung and Ezra William. Apparently, the collection was planned by Lynn in a partnership with Como Resorts even before the pandemic. “I don’t want to be fixed to any schedule. It is a labor of love,” she explained. “It is a resort collection for when you go on vacation, and you want to buy something fabulous that isn’t plain Jane.”

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to start my own businesses, but let’s be real — there are no shortcuts for anyone in building a career,” Lynn shared with Women’s Wear Daily. Indeed, the reality TV star is quite passionate about her work and the field of fashion in general. Even during her Netflix appearance, she is never shy about showcasing her wardrobe. “While the fashion industry can be perceived as glamorous or frivolous, I see it more about fantasy and escapism,” she elaborated.

Additionally, Lynn helps manage the Genki Sushi franchise within the USA. The company was launched in Singapore and Hong Kong, China, by her father, and she decided to help to bring it to the west. She started this venture in 1996 after her college graduation and was joined by Jett Kain, her husband, for the task.

Lynn Ban’s Net Worth

For a proper understanding of just how rich Lynn Ban might be, we must consider not only her work but also just how successful she is in the field. An average fine jewelry designer in New York earns about $65,000 annually. Though, Lynn is anything but average. More importantly, she has full ownership of her business, which seems to be doing quite well. Keep in mind that a successful jewelry design business could easily make a million dollars in a year. And given Lynn’s high-end clientele and luxurious brand, we believe her earnings are in that range. Considering all the above factors, we estimate Lynn Ban’s net worth is close to $6 million.

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