Maddy Pomilla From Survivor 44 is in a Happy Relationship Today

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Created by Charlie Parsons, ‘Survivor’ is a captivating reality series by CBS that has held the attention of the public since its debut in 2000. Over the years, the survival show has seen many people attempt to be the ultimate winner of the competition. Season 44 of the series was set in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, and featured some amazingly talented individuals who gave it their all to be the last person standing.

One such participant who quickly became beloved after her appearance is Maddy Pomilla. Her strategic mind and charming personality helped her gain fame and have left the public eager to learn more about the reality TV star. Luckily, here is everything that we know about Maddy!

Maddy Pomilla: An Overview of Her Life

Born on April 11, 1994, Maddy Pomilla grew up in Huntingtown, Maryland. The reality TV star grew up alongside five sisters, and her status as the middle child apparently helped her become social, independent, and a problem solver. “I grew up in a house of all women. It was my four sisters and me. There were no guys. We had one bathroom. Our foyer was legitimately hot pink. So we’re just like a witch coven of strong, crazy, wild, smart, opinionated, go-getter girls,” she explained to Parade. “And I feel like my sisters just always pushed me to be better, faster, stronger, and just gave me a lot of confidence to just take on whatever.”

Apart from her sisters, Maddy also seems close to her father Paul, and admires his “compassion, curiosity, honesty” and humbleness. For over two decades, the ‘Survivor’ cast member has been a devoted fan of the show. In fact, most of her social media handles revolve around Jeff Probst, the long-time presenter of the series. Presently based in Brooklyn, New York, Maddy is a self-proclaimed adventure addict who is always looking forward to new things in life.

As a woman of many talents, Maddy’s accomplishments are quite diverse. In fact, at the age of 22, she was placed third in an ultramarathon. As an avid traveler and adventurer, she has visited many places across the world, including Morocco, India, and Italy. The reality TV star has also trekked to Everest base camp. Even though Maddy may not seem as bulked as some of the other participants of the reality series, her speed is something she takes immense pride in.

Maddy Pomilla’s Profession

As it turns out, Maddy has worked as a Charity Projects Manager in the past. However, in order to participate in the reality show, she seemingly quit her job as an Executive Assistant to a CEO and was unemployed at that point. It is easy to see the amount of love and care that Maddy holds for others in her life, given her affiliation with welfare ventures over the years. We also believe that her reality TV appearance will boost her fame and possibly open further professional paths for her.

Maddy Pomilla Shares a Deep Bond With Boyfriend Brian

Maddy Pomilla is indeed in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Brian, whom she has been with for over seven years. One can easily spot Brian on Maddy’s social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram or TikTok. She herself is quite proud of her relationship and told Entertainment Weekly that one of the biggest accomplishments in her life was making “the hottest guy from NYU date me for the last seven years.”

From what we can tell, the lovely couple seems to be very much in love, and Maddy’s beau can often be seen in her company as she travels across the world. Even when at home, the interactions between the two seem to be filled with gentle affection.

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