90 Day Fiancé’s Madelein and Luke: Everything We Know

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise’ season 4 follows couples facing individual challenges as they strive to reconcile differences and sustain their relationships. Set against the backdrop of one partner residing in a different country while the other is settled in America, the series documents the journey of these couples from engagement to marriage. Among them are Madelein and Luke, whose significant age gap posed challenges in understanding each other’s perspectives. Despite this, they were willing to compromise and overcome obstacles to nurture their relationship. The couple’s undeniable chemistry captivated public attention throughout their journey on the show.

Madelein is From Colombia, While Luke is From Los Angeles

The 30-year-old mining engineer Luke unveiled his backstory, showcasing a life steeped in professional success and entrepreneurial ambition. With seven years of experience in the mining trade as an engineer, he painted a portrait of prosperity. Yet, beneath the surface lay an insatiable hunger for business ventures, a desire that led him to dabble in various industries. Venturing beyond the confines of mining, he boldly launched a clothing brand, setting the stage for a foray into fashion. But his ambitions didn’t end there. Armed with a keen eye for opportunity, Luke made substantial investments totaling a staggering $500K across a spectrum of startups, each specializing in the alluring domains of lifestyle, travel, and jewelry.

Madelein, a youthful 19-year-old, debuted on the show from her home in Colombia. Residing in an apartment generously provided by Luke, she enjoyed the company of her beloved albino Pomeranian, Angel, a thoughtful gift from her partner. With a passion for fashion and an eye for style, Madelein embraced a lifestyle of luxury and leisure, relishing the role of a modern-day queen. For her, life means basking in the luxury of not having to work, instead focusing on cultivating her beauty and charm to captivate Luke’s attention and affection.

Madelein Met Luke When He was on Vacation

Their love story began when Luke was on vacation to Colombia, where he crossed paths with Madelein for the first time. Instantly, a spark ignited between them, and they got entangled in a whirlwind romance that lasted for six enchanting months. Despite the distance, Luke frequently traveled to Colombia to nurture their budding relationship until the perfect moment arrived for him to pop the question. Reflecting on their connection, Luke admired Madelein’s indomitable spirit and zest for life, believing her to be the partner he had long sought.

Similarly, she echoed his sentiments, affirming that she had discovered the embodiment of her desires and dreams in Luke. While Madelein cherished the comfortable life that Luke had provided for her in their apartment, her heart ached for his presence. Longing for his companionship, she yearned for nothing more than always to have him by her side. Recognizing the depth of her longing, the couple decided that as soon as Luke could arrange it, he would relocate to Colombia to be with her.

Madelein and Luke’s Future Looks Unstable

In a candid moment in the series, Luke revealed the extent of his financial sacrifices for his relationship with Madelein. Having invested a significant portion of his savings and spent approximately $100,000 on her over a year, Luke faced financial strain. With his savings depleted and his job lost due to frequent trips to visit his love across the border, Luke confided in a friend about his precarious situation. Concerned that Madelein might not want to be with him without the lavish lifestyle he could once provide, Luke grappled with how to share his financial struggles with her.

Luke contemplated postponing his plans to move to Colombia as he struggled with stabilizing his finances first, desiring to provide himself and Madelein with the life they deserved. However, his friend’s cautionary words about her alleged intentions left Luke pondering the true nature of their relationship. To protect his assets, Luke broached the topic of a prenuptial agreement with her, but she reacted unfavorably to the suggestion. The ensuing discussion stirred up emotions, leaving both Luke and Madelein uncertain about the future of their relationship and riddled with doubts about where their journey together may lead.

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