Where is Madison From Too Hot To Handle Today?

No kissing, no heavy petting, no self-gratification, and definitely no sex for one month; it doesn’t seem too hard unless you lock ten hot singles in one place. With sexy models coming from Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and ofcourse the States as well, Netflix’s new reality dating show is exactly ‘Too Hot To Handle’! Abstaining from physical intimacy while forming deep connections and fighting for the $100,000 prize fund, these players are trying to do it all! Well, except Madison! Madison is one of those cast members who doesn’t fare too well on the show and gets little to no recognition.

Who is Madison Wyborny?

Madison Wyborny, a twenty-something gorgeous lass, is a professional model based in Los Angeles. Her modeling assignments take her all over the world. She recently posted a story on her Instagram account, mentioning her feature on the show. She also wrote, ‘No such thing as bad publicity, right?’ Pretty ironic for someone whose five seconds of fame could be easily missed in the blink of an eye.


Madison’s journey on the show is as boring as it gets. Even though she is insanely popular on social media and has quite a fan following on Instagram, it seems as if her followers might have been disappointed by her lack of participation.


She enters the show in episode six just a few days before the finale. She expresses that a mental and spiritual connection is something that is very important to her. Matthew being a spiritual lad himself, is instantly attracted to her. He tries to make conversation with her but ends up coming off as weird and creepy. Not impressed and visibly freaked out, Madison doesn’t make a move on anyone as most of the singles are now partnered up or pursuing other connections.

She admits to not understanding the process and looks quite bored without the ‘fun’ she was expecting to have. She also doesn’t embrace the ‘women empowerment’ workshop and finds it awkward, embarrassing, and funny. Just a day before the finale, she is disqualified from the show for showing zero participation.

Where is Madison Now?

Madison is back in Los Angeles. It doesn’t seem like she is in touch with her co-stars. While the cast members celebrated together after the filming wrapped up, she went home and chilled out with her girl squad.


Madison is living the life, though! Her work takes her to beautiful places like Indonesia, Belgium, Ibiza, Australia, London, Barcelona, Hawaii, and many more! When she is not working or posing for photoshoots, she is traveling with her girlfriends.


It seems like Madison is currently single. Her Instagram captions from November 2019 cast a shadow of doubt that she might have been dating someone at that time. But, it seems like things didn’t work out as her captions for December 2019 drastically changed into embracing the single life again!



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