Where is Matthew From Too Hot To Handle Today?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ plays a great twist on reality dating shows. The series takes place in a luxury island villa, which serves as a rehabilitation/retreat center for those who tend to indulge in meaningless flings. With ten hot singles from around the world trying to forge deeper connections, the ‘sex-ban’ is incentivized with $100,000 prize money. Faced to choose among love, sex, or money, it is interesting to watch who picks what. While many try to resist temptation and are successful in finding partners, others care more about the money they get to take home! Matthew is one of those cast members who is seen to prioritize money over love and flings.

Who is Matthew Stephen Smith?

A self-proclaimed creative genius, Matthew Stephen Smith, moved to Los Angeles from Denver in 2011. A landscape architect by profession, he dived into the entertainment industry as a model, actor, writer, and producer. He managed to bag some guest roles on famous shows like ‘New Girl’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. He even authored a children’s book called ‘Windy’. He is also the COO of Dream Katchers, which is a branding and content creation agency. He also owns and promotes a fashion brand called M8W.

Matthew’s journey in the show is a fun one. He becomes best friends with Kelz, and they together keep their eyes on the prize money. They are jokingly nicknamed as ‘The Disciplinarians’ and ‘Sex Cops’ as they keep tabs on couples that are likely to break the rules. Matthew is also lovingly called ‘Jesus’ by his co-stars for his appearance and looks. He further stays true to his new name by offering words of wisdom and explaining philosophical theories to fellow players.

Eventually, Matthew misses having a connection and tries to form a bond with the newcomer, Madison. Madison enters the show in episode six, but she is not able to relate to Matthew. His conversation with her doesn’t go as planned and he fails to charm her. With more and more rule breaches happening every day, Matthew feels discouraged about the prize money as well. He then voluntarily leaves the show a few days before the finale. He does admit that the process has changed his outlook on relationships.

Where is Matthew Now?

According to Matthew’s Instagram account, he is back in Los Angeles but can be seen visiting Colorado quite often. After the shoot wrapped up, he partied with Kelz on Bryce’s boat and celebrated the end of the series. He is close to all co-stars who got attached to him and even shed some tears when he left the show. He is currently working on his branding agency and fashion label. He also got busy with some modeling assignments and photoshoots. Matthew is currently single, but it seems like he learned a lot from the show. He recently captioned an Instagram post that talked about living for significant relationships. He is usually seen hanging out with his all-male gang and traveling to exotic destinations.

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