Are Rhonda and Sharron From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Netflix’s sizzling new dating game show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is a binge-fest for fans of ‘Love Island’ and ‘Bachelor In Paradise’. When ten sexy singles from all over the world, trapped on a luxury island villa, are told to abstain from sexual activities, all hell breaks loose! If the players indulge in any sort of physical intimacy, a substantial amount is deducted from the $100,000 prize money! The rules cannot be broken, even if the connection is genuine. It is safe to say that each and every contestant struggled to keep it in their pants! Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend were not an exception to this, but they managed to keep their relationship afloat with minimal physical contact.

Rhonda and Sharron: Too Hot To Handle Journey

When the hot model from New Jersey, Sharron Townsend, first laid his eyes on Rhonda Paul, he knew that he had to have her. The single mommy from Atlanta was unaware of the fantasies that Sharron had been weaving. On the very first day, Sharron approached her and made a bold move by kissing her within 5 minutes of conversation. Rhonda didn’t mind and applauded his confidence.

Eventually, as days passed, they got closer. While Rhonda genuinely liked Sharron and formed a deep connection with him, Sharron was struggling with the show’s ‘sex-ban’. He even woke her up at 2 am in the night asking her to break the rule, but she explained that it wouldn’t be the right choice. When Rhonda found Sharron being distant, she confronted him about the issue. He opened up to her about her past heartbreaks and trust issues and confessed that he wouldn’t be able to lower his guard down. Rhonda tried to help him but realized she would have to keep her options open.

Sometime later, Rhonda formed a good bond with a fellow player, David, who had had a crush on her since the first day. Sharron felt jealous and realized he cared for Rhonda more than he realized. After having a friendly talk with David, who decided to step away from Rhonda, he decided to make more efforts in their relationship. Rhonda gave him another chance, and they patched things up.

Rhonda was also concerned about his two-year-old son being able to accept Sharron. She introduced him to Sharron through video chat, but he seemed shy. She confessed that the relationship could only work out if Sharron won her son’s heart.

Rhonda and Sharron were awarded a night in the private suite for the progress they had made in their relationship. They ended up getting intimate and cost the players $16,000. They didn’t indulge in intercourse though, as Sharron wanted to take it slow. He wanted it to be true and real with Rhonda. The couple from then on enjoyed a great connection. In the finale, Sharron asked Rhonda to officially be his girlfriend, and she accepted.

Are Rhonda and Sharron Still Together?

According to Rhonda and Sharron’s Instagram accounts, it doesn’t seem like the couple is together. The duo follows each other on social media, but Rhonda doesn’t like or comment on his pictures. Rhonda had recently posted about the show. Her co-stars had commented on the post, and she had replied to each and every one of them except Sharron. Sharron’s comment about his excitement for the show went unanswered.

It seems like the couple couldn’t handle the pressure of a long-distance relationship. Sharron’s commitment phobia might have got his guards back up again. Rhonda, too, wouldn’t risk a challenging relationship keeping her son in mind.

Either the two are not together or just really good at keeping their relationship private. Sharron seems to be busy modeling and featuring in music videos. Rhonda seems to be occupied with her son and her online accessories store.

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