Where Are The Love Island Couples Now?

The American spin-off of the hit UK reality show ‘Love Island’ landed in the US on CBS in July 2019. Just like its British counterpart, the series follows a bunch of overly stunning islanders as they embark on a search for true love. After multiple couplings and recouplings, a group of finalists makes it to the finale — and the pair that wins takes home a grand cash prize of $1 million.

Among all the islanders featured in the freshman season of the show, four of the strongest couples progressed to the finale. We saw their blooming love and sizzling chemistry as they ascended the final steps to glory. But how many of them are still together beyond the tv screen? Let’s find out.

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber

Zac and Elizabeth connected instantly in the first episode itself and continued to be together until the end. They did not even worry about choosing someone else during the recouplings. After sealing their love with a first kiss, Zac even asked Elizabeth in episode 10 if she would be his girlfriend. And she happily agreed. Following this major development, they went on an official date in the 12th episode and as expected, made it to the finale. Elizabeth bagged the win of $100,000 and split her prize with her beau.


Of course, this felt like a match made it happen and fans were sure that the couple would last. But alas! In December 2019, the couple announced their split via individual Instagram stories. They shared that the decision was mutual and they had decided to simply go their separate ways.

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart

Alexandra was initially drawn to Michael but she had hoped that someone better would come to sweep her off her feet. Enter Dylan, and Alexandra was completely taken by him. Even Dylan confirmed his feelings for her and he asked her out on their first date. Alexandra chose Dylan in the next recoupling ceremony and the rest is history. They had a fun-filled journey to the season finale after having pronounced each other as lovers in episode 20. They did not win the grand prize but were elated to be leaving Fiji together.


In November 2019, unfortunately, it was confirmed that the couple had called it quits. Both of the stars shared the news on their Instagram handles via individual stories. Just like Zac and Elizabeth, even their decision was final and they do not hold any hard feelings for each other. You can even see some of their previous pictures on their social media profiles. It is good to see the two handling their split in such a mature style.

Raymond Gantt and Caroline Viehweg

Caro struck an instant chord with Ray after Cormac had to go back home. Caro was immediately blown over by Ray’s constant compliments and admiration of her baby voice. Their bond was further solidified when they got to spend a night in the hideaway in episode 17. The duo officially announced their relationship in the 21st episode and ended up in third place.

And on a brighter note, the lovebirds are still together! You can see multiple clicks of the couple on their Instagram handles. In one of the pictures, Ray wrote: “Double cup love, you the one I lean on?.”


Even Caro posted an adorable image of the two celebrating their Christmas holidays together. She wrote: “Merry Christmas IG family ?❤️?the love, kindness and support you all spread is the best gift I could ever ask for. Hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve, and regardless what presents you all received remember that THE PRESENT moment is the best gift we could ever receive ? enjoy your last week of 2019, happy holidays and let the Capricorn season begin ? my birthday is tomorrow ?!!!! #christmasbaby”


Weston Richey and Emily Salch

Emily was the last female Islander to enter the villa and right away, she hit it off with Weston. But things got a bit rough when Kelsey and Kyra also expressed their feelings for Weston. But toward the end, Emily successfully sealed the bond and in spite of several roadblocks, the couple made it to the finale.


And well, here is another success story. The couple is still together and very much in love. In January 2020, Emily even wrote on her Insta story:

“It’s crazy to think that Weston and I got so much hate and doubt from America on the show. Our journey was not easy or perfect but since day one we have been 100% genuine with each other, have communicated with love and respect, truly listened to one another, and have had each other’s backs when times were rough. It’s because of those things that we have made it so far in the real world. We may not have been the winners of Love Island, but we are winners in life. I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything and I’m excited to continue tackling life w you.”

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