MAFS Australia Season 5: Which Couples Are Still Together?

The eagerly anticipated season 5 of ‘Married at First Sight’ premiered on January 29, 2018, on the Nine Network, ushering in a new chapter of unscripted love stories and relationship explorations. The contestants, bound by the experiment, faced a rollercoaster of emotions and relationship dynamics. Once again guided by the insights of relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Trisha Stratford, the season promised to deliver a fresh array of surprises and challenges.

While some couples discovered deep compatibility and forged genuine connections, others grappled with conflicts and tested the limits of their newfound partnerships. The season continued to captivate audiences with its unique premise, shedding light on the complexities of modern relationships and the unpredictable journey to finding lasting love.

Sarah Roza and Telverne “Telv” Williams are Not Together Anymore

Despite the initial promise of their on-screen connection, Sarah Roza and Telv Williams found that their love story was not meant to withstand the challenges beyond the show. The couple decided to part ways in March 2019, and reportedly, their breakup took a serious turn with both parties filing Apprehended Violence Orders, preventing them from publicly discussing each other.

In the aftermath, Sarah Roza took to social media to unveil her remarkable weight loss journey. She briefly dated James Stephens and expressed her desire to embrace motherhood, undergoing IVF treatments and an egg retrieval procedure. On the other side, Telv Williams faced headlines for a brief fling with Jessica Power. However, he has since moved on and is now in a new relationship with his girlfriend Katie Beever, enjoying precious moments with his two children.

Where are Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells Now?

Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells, despite their instant connection on the show, decided not to proceed with their relationship at the final stage of the experiment. The pair split, but their post-show interactions reveal an amicable relationship, with friendly texting and an ability to put the past behind them. Post-show, Dean Wells has ventured into new ventures, participating in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and establishing a YouTube channel and podcast named ‘Dangerous Ideas with Deano.’ His personal life took a joyous turn when he got engaged to Aimee in August 2023.

Tracey Jewel, on the other hand, explored relationships with fellow ‘MAFS’ star Sean Thomsen and her ex Patrick Kedemos. However, these relationships were short-lived. In 2021, Tracey found lasting love with Nathan ‘Nate’ Constable, and the couple tied the knot. They now share the joy of parenthood with their son Frankie.

Where are Alycia Galbraith and Mathew Lockett Now? 

Alycia Galbraith and Mathew Lockett’s journey took a heart-wrenching turn when Mathew revealed that his heart was no longer in the marriage. The couple’s move into an apartment together ended with Mathew walking away, leaving Alycia heartbroken. Since the show, Alycia has found a new chapter in her life. After confirming a new relationship, she made the bold decision to move to Melbourne after just two months of dating. While she keeps her personal life away from social media, it is known that she is now dedicated to health and wellness. In the aftermath of the show, Mathew Lockett was rumored to be in a relationship with co-star Charlene Perera, although neither party confirmed nor denied the speculations. Mathew has since kept a low profile, navigating life away from the public eye.

Where are Joanne McPharlin and Sean Donnelly Now?

Joanne McPharlin and Sean Donnelly’s journey took an explosive turn as the couple ended their relationship early in the experiment, with Joanne choosing to leave her marriage with Sean. The aftermath revealed intriguing developments in their personal lives. After the show, Sean Donnelly found himself linked to fellow ‘MAFS’ star Gabrielle Bartlett, with rumors of flirtations during a mini-reunion. Despite denying dating allegations, Sean expressed frustration with the show, accusing it of ‘creating hate’ after an anti-bullying message from Channel Nine. Recently, Sean also faced a personal loss with the passing of his horse, Angus.

On the other hand, Joanne McPharlin hinted at a new relationship, although details remain uncertain. She showcased an incredible weight loss transformation on social media and is now seen cherishing moments with her children.

Where are Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher Now?

Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher’s journey on the show ended with a split before the final decision. Post-show, Ryan ventured into stand-up comedy, even participating in the Australian version of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!,’ where he found a short-lived romance with Charlotte Crosby. His engagement to Emily Jane Seebohm in March 2023 brought joy, and the couple welcomed their son, Sampson Ryan Seebohm, in September 2023.

Davina, after a stint on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!,’ got married to Jaxon Manuel in 2022, sharing a daughter named Mila-Mae. Despite renovating their house, the couple separated in 2023. Davina has since ventured into podcasting with ‘Who? Me. The Podcast,’ offering a glimpse into her multifaceted life.

Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller Have Parted Ways

Image Credit: Patrick Miller/ Instagram

Despite their seemingly perfect match, the surprising parting of ways between Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller shocked ‘Married At First Sight’ fans. Charlene opened up about the split, citing differences in life stages. Though rumors of a potential reunion circulated, Patrick clarified that they remained friends. Post-show, Patrick made headlines for appearing in an X-rated music video and has transitioned into the role of a digital creator.

Charlene, on the other hand, was rumored to be dating Mathew Lockett but found love again with Jonathan, leading to their engagement in 2021. They welcomed a son, Austin Mahinda, in 2022, and Charlene has embraced her role as a stepmother. In her professional journey, Charlene is now the Vice President at Creative Women’s Circle, showcasing her commitment to empowering women.

Melissa Walsh and John Robertson Have Split Up

Melissa and John, whose connection seemed to transcend the show’s boundaries, faced the harsh reality of a fleeting romance. Despite staying together briefly after the show, their relationship hit a roadblock, leading to a breakup. Melissa took to social media to confirm the split, emphasizing that they remain good friends.

Melissa’s post-show journey took her into the arms of Fred Whitson, and the couple even got engaged. However, their love story faced its challenges, resulting in a split. Melissa’s recent relationship with Michael Dial, announced in December 2023, has marked a new chapter. In addition to her pursuits, she has embraced the roles of a writer and book coach and made an appearance on the reality TV show ‘Millionaire.’ On the other side, John has found a new romantic connection with Kenicha Hatten and he keeps his life very private.

Where are Ashley Irvin and Troy Delmege Now?

Ashley and Troy, who mutually decided to end their marriage on the show, continue to maintain a friendly rapport. The former couple reunited at the Sydney Opera House, showcasing an amicable connection after the show. Troy found companionship with Carly, a relationship that endured for nine months. Despite briefly going off social media, Troy has now made a return.

Meanwhile, Ashley has embarked on a multifaceted journey, working as a Flight Attendant and achieving a milestone by becoming a Registered Nurse in 2022. In a poignant revelation, she shared in July 2023 that her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s is affecting her deeply, adding a layer of personal complexity to her journey.

Where are Gabrielle Bartlett and Nasser Sultan Now?  

Gabrielle and Nasser’s ‘Married At First Sight’ journey took a decisive turn midway through filming, leading to a breakup. The two are not on good terms post-show. Gabrielle’s life, since his time on the show, saw her linked to co-star Sean Donnelly, a rumor both parties vehemently denied. Gabrielle has since taken on the role of a marriage celebrant, operating under the name ‘Your Love Story By Gabrielle,’ and serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Job Support. Her days are also filled with quality time spent with her daughter, River.

Nasser Sultan, outspoken and unfiltered, accused the show of deliberately mismatching couples for ratings. His journey has seen him transform into a media personality, making appearances on ‘Australia’s First Dates.’ Delving into brand promotions and collaborations, Nasser has embraced new horizons beyond the reality TV realm.

Where are Carly Bowyer and Justin Fischer Now?

Carly Bowyer and Justin Fischer’s journey ended with a breakup before a final decision on their marriage. In the aftermath, Justin shifted his focus to spending more time with his daughters and developing a soft-serve ice cream business. However, a darker chapter emerged when reportedly, in 2019, Fischer faced a three-year ban from managing companies after being disqualified by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Accusations of stalking and assault in 2022 further added complexities to his life after the show. Conversely, Carly Bowyer found her soulmate in actor Neil Goldsmith. The couple got engaged in December 2023, and their joy expanded with the arrival of their son, Bailey, in December 2020.

Where are Blair Rachael and Sean Thomsen Now

Paired together on the show, Blair Rachael and Sean Thomsen’s marriage was fleeting. After the show, Blair found love in a relationship with DJ Robbie Lowe. Their journey took a new turn with the arrival of their baby girl, Astrid, born in 2022. Sean Thomsen’s post-‘MAFS’ love story took a different path. After a brief relationship with co-star Tracey Jewel, Sean explored connections with others, including a reported dalliance with Sarcia Alexandra.

The former ‘MAFS’ participant surprised many with his literary venture, authoring a book titled, Married Lies: Secrets Behind Reality TV, offering insights into the perceived authenticity of reality TV. The book soared to Amazon best-seller status. While Sean remains a private figure, glimpses of his life surface sporadically, such as a recent trip to Turkey with friends.

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