Where Was Married at First Sight Season 11 Filmed?

Reality television shows are one of the most famous formats of entertainment on our screens right now. To be honest, it has been for a while. Not just because of the guilty pleasure aspect of it, which includes all the drama, the heartbreaks, the tears, or the romance, but also because of the intriguing combination of the surreal movie-like locations and the interesting yet gorgeous cast members.

‘Married at First Sight’ is one such show. Staying true to its name, it follows the journey of complete strangers getting married at their first meeting and then going ahead to settle down into their domestic lives together. Although they are paired by relationship experts, who consider every possible scenario and examine each person’s profile carefully, in rare cases, some couples don’t even make it through the entire experiment.

The reality dating series has one goal, help individuals find their happily ever afters, and while in some cases it succeeds, in others, the relationships just crash and burn, leaving people aghast. Notably, in the first seven seasons, there were just three participating couples. For season 8 and 9, that number was increased to four, and then, in season 10, and the latest season, season 11, there have been a total of five couples.

Married At First Sight Season 11 Filming Location

The American version of this series, adapted from the Danish show of the same name started off on the FYI network before it shifted to Lifetime in 2017. And, the truth is, it doesn’t have a fixed filming location, nor can it ever have one, because for each season, the production moves to a different city in America to focus on the couples there. Only the first two seasons were filmed in New York and Northern New Jersey, but after that, it has been jumping from one place to another.

New Orleans, Louisiana

For season 11, ‘Married at First Sight’ landed in New Orleans, Louisiana. While the participants themselves, may originate from all over the country, they all reside in New Orleans and call it their home, so that’s where it’s filmed. The most interesting part of the locations, though, not just for this season but for every season beforehand, is how they are all handpicked for their beauty and serenity, along with their ability to encapture and portray emotions. Honestly, it leaves us yearning to travel there each time.

As we mentioned, this season followed the journey of five couples, who are, Amelia and Bennett, Olivia and Brett, Karen and Miles, Amani and Woody, and finally, Christina and Henry. Apart from the views and locations that we like to see through each couples’ experiences, the main point of attraction for the whole series remains how these individuals interact with each other after they have been thrown into the deep end of the relationship without even knowing anything about their partner.

The drama that unfolds, the good and the bad, never fails to make the headlines, and yet, with each season, we keep coming back for more, just to root for the couples and to wish that they can find the love of their lives through a bit of matchmaking and a sprinkle of fate.

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