MAFS Season 2: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is a television reality series that follows singles who are paired together by experts to test their compatibility and to see whether strangers can indeed fall in love at first sight. Viewers witness high-voltage drama, romance, heartbreak, and more through weeks of a rollercoaster ride. The second season of the hit series premiered in March 2015 and had six people who formed three couples in the social experiment. Like season 1, this season was also divided into New York City and Northern New Jersey. As it has been quite some time since the season wrapped up, ardent fans of the show must be eager to know about the current whereabouts of their favorite ‘MAFS’ alum.

Jaclyn is a Proud Mother of Two, While Ryan is Happily Engaged

Jaclyn Methuen, a vodka saleswoman, and Ryan Ranellone, a real estate agent, didn’t have the best of starts. While Jaclyn wasn’t physically attracted to Ryan, his initial infatuation fizzled out soon enough, leading to trouble in paradise. However, their differences were slowly wearing out, leading them to give their relationship a shot in the final decision. Despite deciding to give the marriage a shot, Jaclyn and Ryan parted ways.

In the reunion episode, Ryan shared, “After the process had ended, obviously, it takes effort, and I’m guilty of not making a tremendous effort.” However, despite not finding love and happiness with each other, Ryan and Jaclyn have moved on in life and found comfort with others. Jaclyn started dating a man she met on a dating app in 2017, and the two became proud parents to Alaina Rose on November 24, 2019, the same year they got engaged. After a couple of years, on January 28, 2022, they gave birth to their son, Antonio Paul. Jaclyn continues to work for Tito’s Vodka and refers to herself as a “helicopter mom.”

Jaclyn’s quite active on social media and is often sharing snaps with her little ones and mystery man. Ryan decided to return his focus to his real estate business — The Ranellone Team. His social media is filled with updates surrounding his professional life, occasional snaps of his pup Daisy, and his travels. As he prefers keeping things under wraps, not much is known about his personal life but it is learned that he got engaged in August 2022 to a girl named Jessie.

Davina is Blissfully Married and Sean Keeps His Family Life Private

Pharmaceutical saleswoman Davina Kullar and trauma nurse Sean Varricchio seemed like the perfect match due to their similar professional backgrounds. While things did turn out well at the start, once the living arrangements started playing their heads, indifferences started to crop up. Davina was based in Manhattan and Sean was from Jersey, and this created a rift between the two as neither wanted to compromise on their location. This was just the beginning, as they soon realized that their expectations in life and preferences were wildly different, eventually leading the pair to say “no” to giving themselves a chance on the final day.

Though Davina and Sean weren’t meant to be, both found love elsewhere. Davina got married to Donald Davis, and the couple was blessed with a baby boy named Hudson Carlton Davis on May 8, 2019. She has been working at Iveric Bio as a territory business manager since 2023. In 2021, when her beloved pet dog, Buddy, passed away, Davina was left bereaved. The Davis family currently lives in North Carolina and is an adorable unit that keeps sharing updates on their life through snaps. As for Sean, he has preferred to keep a low profile. But from what we can tell, he has also remarried, preferring to keep the identity of the woman a secret. Residing in New Jersey, the couple was blessed with a baby girl named Ellie. Furthermore, the family owns a pet dog named Finn.

Jessica is a Mother to a Boy, While Ryan Maintains a Low Profile

Receptionist Jessica Castro was introduced to then-29-year-old businessman Ryan DeNino on the show, and there was instant chemistry. The two liked each other from the get-go, but as time went by, personality clashes began to come to the fore. Despite the tensions between them, the two decided to stay married in the end, leaving many fans confused. Even though Jessica and Ryan decided to stay with each other, the reunion episode revealed something unpleasant.

Jessica spoke about catching Ryan cheating on her multiple times, leading to the separation of the problematic couple. Clips of Ryan’s verbal abuse and threatening to harm Jessica and her family came up, much to the shock of all involved, although Ryan categorically denied the claims. This eventually led Jessica to file a restraining order against him. Questions of his true identity were also raised, with his surname being “Oehl” and not “DeNino.” Despite the turbulent times, Jessica has found her comfort. She got married to a man named Sergio Jones in 2018.

A couple of years later, on December 31, 2020, the couple was blessed with a baby boy whom they named Sergio Sessano Jr. The gushing mother is often seen posting adorable snaps of her baby boy on her social media. The digital creator now runs a clothing rental subscription service called Jessica Castro’s Style Box. Meanwhile, Ryan seems to have gone quite low-key and off the radar. While he does have a social media presence, his more personal content goes on a private account. Not much is known about his current whereabouts or his relationship status as like everything else, he’s chosen to remain private about the happenings of his life.

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