MAFS Australia Season 1: Which Couples Are Still Together?

As the cameras rolled on ‘Married At First Sight’ season 1, audiences witnessed the highs and lows of these daring unions, where love blossomed or withered under the intense scrutiny of the spotlight. Set against the backdrop of unpredictable chemistry and unforeseen challenges, the season unfolded like a modern-day fairy tale – a tapestry woven with the threads of passion, vulnerability, and the pursuit of lasting love.

With the conclusion of the season, viewers were left eagerly anticipating updates on the fate of their favorite couples. Now, in the rearview mirror of time, we catch glimpses of where these courageous individuals have ventured. Some have thrived, building lasting connections and enduring partnerships. Others, however, have taken divergent paths, navigating life’s twists and turns in search of their own happily ever after.

Clare Tamas and Lachlan McAleer are Not Together Anymore

In the picturesque landscapes of farm life, Clare Tamas and Lachlan McAleer sowed the seeds of a romance destined to blossom on the uncharted terrain of reality television. However, like crops facing the inevitable ebb and flow of seasons, their love story endured only 12 months beyond the final frames of the show. Lachlan, the farmer with a penchant for both cultivating connections and enhancing his features through cosmetic surgery, made a return to the small screen in a quest for love on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.’ Reportedly, Lachlan was also accused of assaulting his former partner Kasey Williams which he pleaded not guilty.

On the farm, he now shares his days with a feline companion, cat M, and canine confidant Snoop, all while assuming the role of the Owner at Cawdor Valley Co. Clare, on the other hand, has found a new chapter in her life. She has transitioned into a pet sitter and is dedicating her time as a Volunteer Foster Mama at Urban Kittens – a Rescue group. Her professional journey has taken an unexpected turn in the corporate world. She has donned the hat of Marketing and Communications Manager Australasia at MED-EL since 2015. In 2015, she revealed to TV Week that she had found new love. But now, away from the limelight, Lachlan keeps the details of his dating endeavors hidden behind a private profile.

Where are Roni Azzopardi and Michael O’Dea Now?

Roni Azzopardi and Michael O’Dea, two stars plucked from the cosmic array of reality TV, collided in a tumultuous dance of love on season 1. Their on-screen union, however, concluded with a parting of ways, leaving Roni to wield words of criticism against the very fabric of the show’s matchmaking. Post-show, Roni veiled herself in the cloak of privacy, embarking on a European odyssey, seeking solace away from the prying eyes of social media.

Meanwhile, Michael’s escapades since his time on the show hinted at a celestial connection with Zoe from ‘The Bachelor.’ Public outings sparked curiosity. Slowly the curiosity died down. Yet both kept their personal lives shrouded in mystery, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner Have Parted Ways

In the realm of matrimonial bliss, Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner emerged as the crowned sovereigns of season 1. Their love, akin to a delicate flower, weathered the storms of matrimony and bloomed into parenthood with the arrival of their firstborn, Harper-Rose. However, Zoe reportedly, admitted that the timing of starting a family right after their on-screen marriage was a decision she now considers a mistake. They both parted ways in 2018.

Zoe, not confined to the realms of reality TV, pursued her education, edging closer to the completion of her law degree. In a poignant twist, she and her twin brother embarked on a life-altering journey, meeting their biological family in 2018. Amidst personal struggles, Zoe co-hosted ‘Unfiltered with Zoe and Erin’ in 2019. On the other side, Alex Garner has assumed the mantle of Director at GEM Group, navigating the hydronic heating industry. He found love again with his new girlfriend, Jen McCann. They welcomed a son named Hudson in Sept 2022.

Michelle Worsley and James Webster Have Split Up

Michelle Worsley and James Webster’s love story unfolded like the pages of a novel. But it was short lived and they both parted ways after the show ended. But they pledged to remain friends even after separating. Michelle, however, penned a new chapter in her romantic saga, reigniting a flame with ex-boyfriend and former NRL player Rob, leading to a marriage just months after the reality show’s curtain fell. Yet, like characters in a dramatic plot twist, Michelle and Rob’s love story reached an unforeseen denouement.

In the realm of new beginnings, Michelle has found love anew with Pete Harrington. Their love story added a new and unexpected chapter to Michelle’s life in June 2023. The couple welcomed a son, Theodore “Teddy” Rex Harrington, into the world. On the alternate timeline, James Webster has found a forever after with Bella Jakubiak, exchanging vows in 2017. The couple has a daughter, Rozalia, who was born in 2019, marking a new chapter in James’ personal life.

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