Austin and Rebecca From Married at First Sight: Everything We Know

Devoted to exploring the possibility of a true connection, Rebecca and Austin unveil their cards in the seventeenth iteration of ‘Married at First Sight.’ Teeming with anticipation, the reality television series features the journey of the duo as they stand on the precipice of forevermore. Albeit having an awkward introduction, the couple’s unique personalities soon unravel and give them enough room to discover a prospective relationship. Given their unique start on the series, fans have continued to wonder more about the reality stars. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Everything We Know About Austin R.

Austin isn’t foreign to the risks involved when it comes to letting matchmakers and relationship experts take control of his love life. However, the 31-year-old also believes that if he manages to find a person that complements his personality, it will count as the ultimate meet-cute. While his unbridled passion for creativity and adventures has led him to explore a myriad of opportunities, he has yet to find a person whom he could share his interests with.

On paper, Becca and Austin prefer the same things. However, as seen on the show, Austin and Becca shared a rough start despite sharing common interests and viewpoints. Their initial awkward conversation even caused the guest commentators to wonder if they might have a solid future together. However, the duo have made it clear that they wish to explore the heights of their connection. Not only are they committed to bringing out their authentic selves, but they also wish to find an opportunity to discover their compatibility. While much is not known about Austin’s previous relationships, the TV personality has made it apparent that he sees himself with someone lively and creative in the future.

Besides this, Austin has also made several strides in his professional life. However, the television personality likes to keep the information about his career trajectory under wraps. Nevertheless, the Denver-based individual is keen to explore his compatibility with Rebecca. Austin has talked about his fascination with people who are inherently independent and motivated. Given Rebecca’s chirpy and humorous demeanor, it stands to reason that the duo just may hit it off! From the looks of it, the duo has taken to each other. As such, we continue to look forward to all the milestones they will achieve in the future!

Everything We Know About Rebecca Haley

In the search for a typical Colorado man, Rebecca decided to enlist the help of experts, matchmakers, and pastors. The television personality was aware of the inherent risk involved in finding a match on reality shows but still applied for the series in a feat to discover the endless love and passion she has often seen between other couples. As a photographer excelling in bridal and wedding shoots, Rebecca isn’t unknown to the magic of marital harmony. She now seeks the same chance at happiness and love.

Image Credit: Rebecca Haley/Instagram

Having earned her Bachelor’s in Communications, the 31-year-old has always been fascinated with the art of storytelling. After completing her graduation, she discovered a penchant for narrating the unsaid through pictorial representations. Wielding her camera, the Colorado native decided to kickstart her business and immortalize heartfelt moments through pictures. Since establishing her business almost a decade ago, Rebecca has continued to scale her professional stature. She works with an all-women team and likes to share her passion for bright and romantic photography with her colleagues.

Fans and readers can find her excellence in capturing fleeting moments on her Instagram and official website. While her professional standing has continued to earn her success and satisfaction, Rebecca has yet to find a man who’s she smitten with. A true adventurer at heart, the television personality isn’t afraid to be authentic. While her search for the right person hasn’t been fruitful till now, her entry in ‘Married at First Sight’ seeks to upend the same. Given the skew of similar interests Rebecca shares with Austin, it isn’t a surprise that the matchmakers believe that the two will be compatible with one another. It stands to reason that she and Austin just might find the key to happiness.

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