MAFS Season 3: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Since its premiere, Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ has brought a twist to the world of dating and marriage. It is based on the Danish show ‘Gift Ved Første Blik’ and follows singles paired by experts to test their compatibility. The third season which premiered in 2015, had six unique individuals looking to find their perfect life partners. Through all the romance, drama, and emotions, they completed a topsy-turvy ride that viewers were witness to. As it has been a while since the season wrapped up, fans of the show have been wondering whether their favorite pairs are still together and where they are.

Vanessa is Enjoying the Single Life While Tres Stays Away From the Limelight

Event manager Vanessa Nelson was paired with Tres Russell, a luxury car salesman. The two seemed like the perfect match, and everyone was convinced they’d stand the test of time despite the occasional road bumps. Their equation was such that it came as no surprise when they turned out to be the only couple of the season who decided to be with each other on the final day. Despite seeming like the perfect match, their glaring differences, especially in their contrasting relationship and commitment goals, led them to part ways within six months of the show’s finale.

The couple tried to make their marriage last by seeking assistance from a marriage counselor and talking to family and friends, but it simply wasn’t meant to be. Tres had stirred the separation after realizing that his feelings for Vanessa had faded over time. Not wanting to lead her on, he decided to get a divorce. However, he didn’t write off the possibility of the former couple rekindling their romance someday, telling US Weekly, “Only time will tell.” After their split, both Vanessa and Tres decided to focus on their individual lives. She appeared in ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’ in 2017 and married Andre Forbes, but their pairing also ended in divorce.

Since then, Vanessa seems to have taken a break from dating and is focused on her professional career. She founded her wellness candles business called Soulwickco, which is thriving at present. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with her beloved pet pooch, Nola, and loves traveling the world while basking in a single life. As for Tres, he currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, and has preferred keeping a low profile after his ‘MAFS’ journey concluded. He left his job as a finance director in Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Of Louisville in 2023. It isn’t clear whether he is currently seeing someone or is single, but he seems to be spending time with his family, away from the limelight.

Ashley is Blissfully Married and Has a Son While David is in a Happy Relationship

Ashley Doherty, a nursing student, and David Norton, a software account executive at the time, had a hard time being on the same page. What made matters more complicated was when Ashley accused him of cheating midway through the season. Despite David’s interest in his wife and a desire to see the marriage continue further, Ashley was convinced she wasn’t into him and wanted a divorce on the decision day. After the former pair separated, news of David’s violent past from 2007 resurfaced in February 2016 via In Touch. It turned out that David had serious anger management issues and had been mandated to court-ordered therapy back in the day.

Even though David and Ashley didn’t quite click on the show, they moved on in life and found happiness with others. In 2016, she started dating a new man named Doug Alvarez. In 2017, she completed her nursing degree from Chamberlain College of Nursing. A couple of years later, she lost her beloved pet, Belle, in February 2019. In the same year in September, she and her partner decided to solemnize their marriage. To commemorate the occasion, the couple adopted a pet puppy named Lula Alvarez, followed by another named Xena. In April 2021, the couple became parents as they gave birth to their son Julian Louis Alvarez. The dotting mother is often seen sharing adorable snaps of her baby boy and their cute family.

David went on to appear in ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’ in 2017 with ‘MAFS’ co-star Vanessa but failed to find a partner. In August 2020, David shared the heartbreaking news of his sister Carrie’s demise on social media. However, he has been enjoying his travels, hosting New Year gigs, and catching up with family and friends after his stint on reality TV ended. On the relationship front, the huge Buffalo Bills fan has been dating Monique Kosloski, an interior designer, since 2023.

Samantha is in a Content Marriage While Neil is Focused on Sports and Athletics

The third couple of the season were bank manager Samantha Role and Neil Bowlus, a compliance specialist. While the experts felt they were a perfect match, Samantha and Neil had too many contrasting characteristic traits going against them. Neil’s efforts to make the couple work in the initial stages weren’t met with equal enthusiasm. While he was an introvert with a quirky sense of humor, she couldn’t relate to it. Sadly, when Samantha did come around to enjoying his company and wanted to give their relationship a shot beyond the show, Neil’s feelings for her had already died down, leading him to ask for a divorce.

Despite choosing to go their separate ways, Neil and Samantha continue to remain friends. The two spoke about their bond on, ‘Married At First Sight: Where Are They Now?’ in 2020. On April 20, 2018, Samantha got married to Chris Wise, and the couple welcomed their baby girl, Isabella, in the same year on September 7. The family also gave birth to twin girls Sienna Reiko Wise and Everly Lara Wise on March 3, 2022. In 2023, Samantha shared the news of her oldest child starting kindergarten in 2024 while her twins were set to start daycare. The family currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and though Samantha isn’t very active on social media, she does share adorable snaps of her family from time to time.

Meanwhile, even though Neil had implied a relationship during the ‘MAFS: Where Now’ special, he hasn’t shown a glimpse of his partner and has instead chosen to stay clear of sharing details of his private life. His social media is filled with updates on marathons that he runs, the travels that he embarks on, and snaps of friends and family. On the professional front, he has been working as an Industry Solutions & Services Associate Manager at Accenture since January 2022.

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