MAFS Season 4: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

‘Married at First Sight’ is a reality television series that draws inspiration from the Danish series ‘Gift Ved Første Blik.’ The FYI show follows six individuals as they sign up to try their luck, hoping to find lasting romance with the help of relationship experts. Season 4, which premiered in 2016, is based in South Florida, specifically Miami, and has three couples trying to make their newly formed marriage stand the test of time. Ardent viewers of the show who have been hooked on the latest developments of the show must be wondering about which couples are still together and where they currently are.

Sonia is Focusing on her Travels and Spirituality, While Nick is a Father to Twins

33-year-old social worker Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast, a 32-year-old vacation rental manager, had a topsy-turvy journey on the show. While Nick had a dog and was an ardent pet lover, Sonia was not too keen on pets in general, although that did not cause much of a hindrance to their pairing. They also struggled with intimacy issues and took assistance from the experts to help them work on their marriage. Thus, fans were left surprised when the pair decided to remain married on Decision Day. Though Sonia and Nick wanted to give their relationship a shot, the pair was unable to sustain the growing complications of their marriage.

In March 2017, a year after their marriage, Sonia confirmed their divorce on social media. A couple of months after the split, Nick shared that he was dating Heather Yerrid, a love coach from whom he had sought assistance after his split, and the pair were expecting twins together. The babies, Layla Rae and Logan Joseph, were born on December 10, 2018. The babies were born a little premature, leading them to spend some time in the NICU. The new parents decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the hospital to ensure the little ones didn’t miss out on their firsts.

In January 2019, Nick suffered a devastating near-death accident at his job. The mishap had left him paralyzed from the waist down. However, since then, Nick has made a remarkable recovery and regained complete mobility. While it is not clear whether Heather and Nick are still together, he seems to be a dotting father to his twins and is currently working as an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Sonia, who had shown glimpses of her philanthropy on the show, decided to focus on the same. She started a grassroots movement called The Broke Philanthropist, where she provides inspiring words of wisdom and philanthropic solutions on a budget.

Sonia has been traveling extensively, focusing on her life in the company of friends and loved ones and embracing her inner spirituality. She also ran a podcast, ‘Sonia Granados,’ for a while, but it is currently inactive. In 2021, Sonia shared about her new boyfriend, Devine Brown, adding how the two had first met in 2016 before reconnecting on a dating app. While they seemed happy and content, it isn’t clear as to whether they are still together or have split. Sonia, who is quite social and often updates her current whereabouts and new ventures, seems to be enjoying the single life in all its glory.

Heather Maintains a Private Life, While Derek is Currently Single

Flight attendant Heather Seidel and account executive Derek Schwartz had one of the shortest marriages on the show: ten days! The pair seemed to click on their marriage, but during the honeymoon, the potential match came crashing down due to glaring differences between them. Heather found David’s chain-smoking an absolute “deal breaker,” leading her to decide to end the marriage, much to David’s disappointment and heartbreak.

After their split, Heather opted to lead a low-key private life. Despite maintaining a social media presence, she’s kept her account private. However, it is learned that in September 2020, she gave birth to her baby boy, Leo James. She also shared about the difficult pregnancy she had endured, leading to an induced labor at 39 weeks. Heather refrained from sharing details of the baby’s father, although she mentioned that he was present during the birthing. In 2020, COVID-19-related job cuts also led to the flight attendant getting furloughed.

However, her social media bio suggests that she has not entirely given up on her career as yet. Meanwhile, Derek is also not very active on his socials, but going by his posts, it seems like he is currently single. However, he continues to remain optimistic about finding love someday again. In conversation with People, Derek shared how glad he was to do the series, “I am so happy that I did it because it was such an opportunity to push yourself in a different direction.”

Lillian Has Embraced the Single Life, While Tom Now Works With Yachts

Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson were the third and final couple of the season. The realtor and boat interior designer were compatible with each other and had chemistry, making fans hopeful that they’d last the test of time. Despite the occasional glimpses of incompatibility, the pair decided to stick around and make their marriage work. Lillian and Tom managed to make their relationship last for more than a year before they eventually chose to go their separate ways.

Even though the former couple called it quits, they held no hard feelings for each other and instead considered each to be good friends. After the amicable split, Lillian didn’t have as much luck in romance. She has instead chosen to focus on her professional life, working as a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina and Florida. She has been actively spending time in the company of friends, her two adorable pet pups, Zeus and Louie, and family and traveling around quite a bit.

Tom found love once again after his split. In June 2019, he got engaged to his girlfriend, Michelle Sharkey, a fellow renovation enthusiast like himself, and three months later in September, the two got married. The pair also started Sunshark Industries, an initiative that refurbishes vans, boats, and RVs all across Miami, and Tom became the stepfather to Michelle’s two sons. However, it is not quite clear whether Tom and Michelle are still married as their company’s page now does not exist, and they’ve removed all pictures of each other and unfollowed each other as well. Tom is instead now seen to be spending most of his time chartering yachts.

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