MAFS Season 5: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is a television reality series that first premiered in 2014. It follows strangers as they get paired by experts in a test of compatibility. Based on the Danish show ‘Gift Ved Første Blik’ the fifth season of the series premiered in 2017 and was set in Chicago. This was one of the rare seasons in which all the pairs gladly said “yes” on Decision Day, making it a reality show success. However, it’s been quite a while since then, and fans of the show have been wondering about the current equation and the whereabouts of the contestants.

Danielle is Enjoying the Single Life, While Cody is Happily Engaged

Danielle DeGroot, a dietician, and Cody Knapek, a trainer and gym owner, seemed like the perfect match due to their professional lives. The pair seemed quite happy in each other’s company, too. But there were occasional bouts of friction between them, even as they struggled to elevate their relationship from being good friends to being potential lovers. However, despite the topsy-turvy equation, they decided to continue their marriage and look ahead to their future.

Though the pair tried and put in efforts to make the relationship work, Danielle shared the sad news of their amicable split in August 2017. Her post stated, “While this was a difficult decision and divorce is not something either of us hoped for, we decided we will be happiest separating.” Since their separation, both Danielle and Cody have moved on in their lives in different capacities. In 2020, Danielle returned to ‘Married At First Sight: Where Are They Now?’ and shared an update on her love life, stating that she was still single and waiting for her special someone.

On the professional front, Danielle, who currently stays in Chicago, has broadened her horizons from being a dietician. She’s now a yoga instructor as well and works with Vidal Coaching. As far as her personal life is concerned, Danielle has been enjoying traveling and single life with her family and two senior dogs, Homie and Dude.

Meanwhile, Cody, currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, and a business development manager, seems to have chosen to deactivate one of his socials, going on a hiatus. However, he has ensured that fans are kept updated on the happenings of his life on his other social. Despite his experimental marriage not working, Cody has found love again and got “happily engaged” in February 2023, snaps of which he shared on his socials. However, he has kept the details of the special woman in his life a secret for now.

Sheila is Happily Married and Nate is a Proud Father to a Baby Boy

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon were first introduced on the show and were quite excited to start their journey together. However, the thrill wasn’t shared as Nate’s parents let their disappointment and discontentment about Sheila known. Even through the occasional bickering, the couple had their moments of intimacy, too, and that’s what propelled them to give their marriage a chance on Decision Day despite the odds being stacked against them. The pair tried to put their best foot forward, but in the end, they weren’t able to get over their differences and chose to separate in November 2017.

Sheila and Nate’s split wasn’t amicable, with the former accusing the latter of infidelity, even though he vehemently denied the claims. Despite an ugly separation, Sheila and Nate seem to have moved on and found happiness in life. In 2019, Nate started dating a single mother, Nastassja, but the couple seemed to have split around 2021. Nate started his own non-carbonated rum cocktails called Duey Juice Cocktails in May 2022, and he’s been actively promoting his venture all over his socials. In October, Nate shared a happy snap of him and his new partner with the news that they were expecting. On November 30, his son, Duey, was born, and the thrilled father can’t get enough of sharing pictures of his little man on his socials.

Meanwhile, Sheila also chose to leave behind the disappointment of her reality show marriage and focus on the now. She enjoyed her travels and spent time with her family, which further strengthened her spirituality. Her faith in herself and her God remained unwavering, and despite a failed love story, she found her perfect someone soon after. Sheila got engaged to her boyfriend, Kurt Michael, on April 22, 2023, while the pair officially said “I do” on August 19, 2023. She continues to share a strong bond with fellow ‘MAFS’ alum Danielle DeGroot, and they two are often seen hanging out together.

Ashley and Anthony are Still Enjoying the Joys of Matrimony as Parents to their Kids

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico were an instant hit. They pair clicked like they’d known each other for years before being paired together. They were extremely mature throughout the experiment and handled disagreements with equal understanding by talking them out. Their equation with each other led fans of the pair to believe that Ashley and Anthony would stick around with each other much beyond the end of the series. The finale was quite adorable, too, with Anthony confessing his love to Ashley for the very first time. The much-in-love couple didn’t disappoint fans and have, since the show, continued growing from strength to strength.

In 2018, the pair came to ‘Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After?’ and showed the strength of their bond and understanding. In August of the same year, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together, and on January 12, 2019, their daughter, Mila Rose D’Amico, was born. In July 2020, the couple revealed that they were expecting their second child together, and on February 3, 2021, their second daughter, Vaeda Marie, was born. Even though they had a difficult second pregnancy with certain complications, the addition of their baby girl to their family put all their fears and worries to rest.

Anthony, who refers to himself as a “certified dad chef,” enjoys his cooking and shares recipes and kitchen hacks with the couples’ fans. Meanwhile, Ashley enjoys documenting the couple’s marriage and also puts out helpful shopping finds for those looking for genuine suggestions. The doting parents are often seen sharing snaps of their adorable family of four while also adding glimpses of their goofy selves. And from the looks of it, the love has only further strengthened over the last eight years.

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