MAFS Season 7: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

‘Married at First Sight,’ the reality series which premiered in 2014 on FYI, follows the format of the Danish show, ‘Gift Ved Første Blik.’ Season 7, which premiered on Lifetime in 2018, was based on six individuals from Dallas who signed up to test their luck and let a team of experts decide their fate and find compatible partners from amongst the six of them. As it has been quite a while since the season wrapped up, viewers of the show must be wondering about the present equation and the whereabouts of each of the couples.

Mia Maintains a Low Profile, While Tristan is a Happy Family Man

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson, both 29 at the time, had a promising start to their marriage, but their union was fraught with difficulties. Just as the couple were about to leave for their honeymoon on the show, Mia got arrested for alleged stalking and credit card fraud by an ex-boyfriend. Problems didn’t end there as the couple struggled with several other issues, such as disloyalty. However, despite their chaotic match, Tristan surprised their fans by deciding to stay with Mia on Decision Day.

The euphoria was, however, short-lived as a massive fight eventually broke out a day after the finale, leading the two to get a divorce. After the pair split, both decided to focus on their individual lives. Mia, despite maintaining a private and low profile, made sure that she came clean about the false allegations made to her name by her former boyfriend, Jared Evans, who had been harassing her and had followed her from Louisiana. She used her platform in 2020 to speak of how allegedly abusive he was before her time on the show and was making a deliberate attempt to make her look bad.

However, ever since then, Mia has gone off the radar a little and prefers to stay out of the limelight for now. Meanwhile, Tristan found companionship anew. He started dating his now-wife, Rachel White, in early 2019 after getting acquainted with her through a dating app. The couple got engaged in June 2019, and finally, in July 2020, the madly-in-love couple walked down the aisle to cheers from friends, family, and well-wishers at the Post Oak Hotel in Uptown, Houston.

Their adorable baby boy, Phoenix Zane Thompson, was born on March 16, 2021. The couple, who currently reside in Houston, often go on travels around the world together along with their little one and share glimpses of the same on their socials. On the professional front, the tutoring club owner has continued to focus on both his tutoring club centers, located in the US cities of Allen and Cypress.

Danielle and Bobby Are a Happy and Thriving Family of Five

Danielle Bergman-Dodd, a software saleswoman, and Bobby Dodd, a construction project manager, seemed like two peas in a pod from the moment they met. The couple, who were smitten from the word go, rarely argued or fought with each other, and their communication was their biggest strength. This gave fans hope of a lasting romance. So, it wasn’t a surprise for viewers or experts when the pair decided to continue with their marriage on Decision Day. In fact, fans were left emotional when Bobby ended up proposing to Danielle on the final day with an engagement ring, a decision none among the cast or crew knew about.

Danielle and Bobby’s marriage and their equation as a couple since their time on the show have continued to grow from strength to strength. Their first daughter, Olivia Nicole Dodd, was born in February 2019. The family was left heartbroken when Danielle’s furry four-legged friend, Henry, passed away in June 2020. Their second child, a boy, Bobby Dodd IV, entered their world in December 2020. The happy family welcomed their fifth member, a baby girl, Savannah Ann Dodd, on September 3, 2023. In March 2023, the adorable pair, who continue to reside in Dallas, celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary together.

The wholesome couple is frequently seen sharing snaps of their family together and discussing parenting. Bobby also keeps showcasing his cooking skills for fans, while Danielle, who has survived HELLP Syndrome twice, often shares glimpses of life with three youngsters and their other pet, Nelson. They continue to be thankful for finding each other and celebrate each other’s presence in their lives by posting snaps and updates on their socials.

Amber is Married and Dave Has Been Spending Time With Friends and Family

Senior title analyst Amber Martorana and high-yield bond trader Dave Flaherty, the third couple on the show, also appeared like a pair with good chemistry. Their match showed potential too, and seemed like they’d be willing to go the distance beyond the show’s finale when they said “Yes” to each other. However, Amber’s self-doubt began to show potential cracks in the relationship, and eventually, in December 2018, the pair’s communication issues gave way, and they filed for a divorce.

After the series wrapped up, both Amber and Dave made a move in life in varying capacities. Dave, who appears to be single, has been enjoying some downtime in the company of friends and family. He’s been particularly catching up with his beloved nephew and nieces and relishing sessions of golf and occasional trips in and around the US.

Meanwhile, Amber has preferred to go low-key and has turned her social media private too. However, the good news is she seems to have found her perfect match, and the couple got engaged in November 2022 before getting hitched for life in November 2023. Amber prefers to keep details of her husband under wraps, although it is learned that the two were introduced to each other through her sister.

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