MAFS Season 8: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Season 8 of the reality series ‘Married at First Sight,’ premiered on Lifetime in 2019. Based in Philadelphia, the show which first premiered in 2014 and draws inspiration from ‘Gift Ved Første Blik,’ a Danish series, follows an experimental format. Strangers are paired with each other by a team of relationship experts as they believe the matches have the potential for them to pursue a lifelong commitment. As it has been several years since the season aired, ardent fans of the show and the couples must be wondering about the present relationship status of the ‘MAFS’ contestants.

Stephanie and AJ Are Enjoying Matrimonial Bliss Together

Stephanie Sersen, a financial consultant, and AJ Vollmoeller, the President & CEO of a staffing & recruiting company, were an instant hit with each other. Even though AJ has a short temper, Stephanie’s cool, calm head ensured no topic was ever blown out of proportion. The pair showed genuine chemistry, making fans of the show believe that this was a rare yet promising success story in the making. The couple didn’t disappoint either as on Decision Day, they gladly chose to be with each other and take their relationship beyond the show.

After their successful stint on the reality show, Stephanie and AJ appeared on ‘Couples Cam,’ a spin-off of ‘MAFS.’ When the pandemic hit, it was hard for AJ as he ended up losing his job, even though Stephanie was able to retain hers. Sometime after their union, in December 2019, AJ authored the informative coffee table self-help book, ‘How To NOT Get Hired.’ Meanwhile, Stephanie started a travel blog called, ‘PhillySteph Travels,’ where she provides updates on their trips and gives invaluable insights into each of the places they visit.

In 2021, AJ and Stephanie decided to shift base from Philadelphia to Key West. Two years later, in September 2023, the much-in-love couple celebrated 5 years of marital bliss with Stephanie gleefully adding, “I love you, husband, let’s go get another 5 years!!” It was on this memorable day that they also brought their first home together in Key West. The couple seems to be massive travel junkies, and their social media pages, individually as well as a shared one, are a testament to how much they enjoy traveling together.

Jasmine is a Mother of Three and Will Actively Pursues Coaching Kids

Jasmine McGriff, a 30-year-old assistant director, was paired with 37-year-old financial analyst Will Guess, and the two showed potential at the start. Even though viewers were witness to occasional disagreements that started on the day of their marriage itself, when both held different views on traditional marriage, it seemed like the couple might just be able to look past it all. However, sadly, it was not meant to be. They became one of the rare couples who ended the season with a divided decision on the finale, with Jasmine saying “Yes” to them while Will preferred a “No.”

Even though Jasmine and Will failed to find happiness with each other, they have since moved on and are happy in their individual lives. Jasmine started dating her now-partner, Mark sometime in 2019, and her baby boy, Jacoby, graced the couple’s world on December 22, 2020. In January 2023, she announced to the world via her social media that she was expecting twins. However, since the announcement, she has been inactive on her socials.

Meanwhile, Will has followed his dreams of bringing about change in the lives of kids. He fulfilled his lifelong desire of coaching by working with a girls’ high school basketball team for a full season. Although Will isn’t very active on his social media, he seems to have been spending time with his family in Philadelphia and working on his overall fitness. From the looks of it, Will is currently single.

Kate is Blissfully Engaged While Luke Has Been Focused on His Travels and Photography

Kate Sisk and his newly paired partner, Luke Cuccurullo, looked like the perfect match. But when it came to compatibility, the pair simply failed to click. Luke was outright hurtful and rude to Kate throughout the experiment, saying things like he felt “repulsed” and “dead inside” about being intimate with her. Their equation was an absolute miss throughout which is why fans were relieved to see the pair say “No” to being with each other beyond the show. Kate had also gone on to demand an apology from him for his behavior and actions, to which Luke had obliged.

After their split, both Kate and Luke went on to find comfort in their lives in different ways. In 2019, Kate started her own business, Hidden Intimates, which provides “an inclusive collection of women’s intimate apparel, sleepwear and lingerie.” Even though her reality show romance failed, Kate found love with Harry Christopher. The pair got engaged in November 2023. Kate’s business seems to be thriving, and the proud owner often markets her products on her socials while also sharing fun and intimate moments with her partner and her beloved pet dog, Billie, and cat, Noodles.

Meanwhile, Luke has shifted his entire focus back to his thriving photography career in Philadelphia. In 2019, he started his own podcast called ‘Cuccurullo Conversations,’ but it has been dormant since 2020. Luke had been dating Sammi Damianna Di Giacinto since early 2020, but it looks like the couple have separated for a while now. His social media is a testament to his brilliant vision when working with his clients and on his travels, on which he keeps embarking from time to time. On the personal front, however, Luke seems to be single.

Kristine and Keith Are Enjoying a Happy Married Life

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar were an instant hit with the fans. The residential real estate agent and kidney dialysis patient care technician took time to get to know each other but once the season started to progress, their relationship started to grow too. As their real personalities came to the fore, a genuine connection was built, and their chemistry was visibly obvious on-screen. It was but evident that the lovebirds would choose to be together on the last day.

Kristine and Keith’s relationship since the show’s end has continued to grow. They appeared on ‘Couple’s Cam’ together, where Keith shared about working on the frontlines during the pandemic. In a conversation with People, the couple spoke about investing in a new property around 9 months after the season wrapped up. A happy Kristine further added, “At the end of the day, we knew it was what we both needed, and we moved forward with buying our first home together without hesitation!”

Kristine and Keith share a close bond with fellow ‘MAFS’ Season 8 alums Stephanie and AJ, along with a few contestants from previous seasons. The couple’s relationship has only strengthened over the years, and their social media stands as a testament to their companionship and enjoyable travels.

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