MAFS Season 9: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

The Lifetime reality series ‘Married at First Sight,’ follows the format of the Danish series, ‘Gift Ved Første Blik.’ Several strangers sign up for the show, leaving their fates in the hands of experts, hoping to get paired with partners who are equally compatible. Season 9, which premiered in 2019, was based on 4 couples from Charlotte, North Carolina. As it has been quite a while since the season wrapped up, fans of the show can’t help but wonder – what are the current equations between each of the couples and where they are now?

Iris is Blissfully Engaged, While Keith is Busy With Professional Commitments

When Iris Caldwell, a non-profit program coordinator, was paired with mentor and coach Keith Manley, viewers almost instantly picked up on the lack of compatibility. Despite the attempts to even out the problems, neither Iris nor Keith could fully let go of their differences, which were too glaringly obvious. While fans had anticipated an obvious ‘No’ from both, they were left stunned when Iris said ‘Yes’ to trying to get the marriage to work, despite Keith’s clear ‘No.’ During the reunion of the season, Iris once again hinted about the possibility of a reconciliation but didn’t find Keith’s support in it.

Despite Iris and Keith’s pairing failing to work out on the show, both moved on to focus on their respective lives and careers. Iris chose to concentrate on her modeling and acting career and went on to appear in the 2022 Netflix movie, ‘Falling for Christmas.’ She now provides model coaching and styling tips and has her own shopping collection called ‘FullBloomedVintage,’ from which her fans can buy clothing inspired by what she wears.

Iris also has a website to her name, which contains her impressive portfolio and gives a glimpse into the person she is. She has recently signed up with G&B Digital Management. On the romantic front, she found love again; Iris and her boyfriend Cam got engaged in December 2023. In conversation with People, a thrilled Iris said, “I could not be more excited to embark on this next chapter in my life. Loving Cam is the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and our engagement marks the beginning of the latest part of our journey.”

Meanwhile, Keith became an author and in 2021, published his book, “Life is Just…: A Walk Within,” which was written after taking inspiration from his late grandmother, who used to be a writer too. It is a memoir and talks of Keith’s experiences as he worked with inner-city children. He has also been collaborating with modeling shoots for quite a few brands, such as Glow, Concession by Jas, and Finesse University. In 2022, he was rumored to be dating musician Ari Lennox, but the pair appears to have broken up soon after. As of now, Keith has been maintaining a low profile on the relationship front and seems to be single.

Elizabeth and Jamie are Awaiting the Finalizing of Their Divorce

29-year-old account executive Elizabeth Bice and 35-year-old finance technician Jamie Thompson were the second couple of the season. Even though they had too many similar traits, it often led to clashes. However, despite seeming like an odd match, the pair was able to strengthen their bond through love and mutual understanding, leading them to decide on being with each other on Decision Day. Elizabeth and Jamie continued to work on their blooming romance and in 2020, the couple moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Santa Barbara, California. They even starred in the ‘MAFS’ spin-off ‘Couple’s Cam’ in the same year.

They relocated again and moved from California to Colorado. Around the same time, Elizabeth started her own YouTube channel too, where she posted regular updates of her life, but the page has been dormant for a while now. The couple was in a happy and blissful romance, enjoying dinner dates and outings while taking care of their fur babies together. They’d even started their joint website to keep fans up-to-date with their marital life. Elizabeth and Jamie celebrated their fourth marriage anniversary in March 2023, and it seemed like they might be headed for a lifetime of togetherness.

However, the happy times took a hit when, in April 2023, Jamie announced the couple’s decision to take some time away from each other. While fans hoped that it wasn’t the end of their relationship, the sad decision was eventually taken, and on July 1, 2023, Jamie confirmed that he had filed for divorce for his “mental health and wellbeing.” Sometime later, Elizabeth, in an Instagram video, mentioned that she was not ready to talk about their separation yet and needed more time to address the issue.

While the former couple awaits the finalizing of their divorce, both Elizabeth and Jamie have returned to focus and prioritize themselves. Jamie has been working on picking up new hobbies, such as learning to play the guitar and enhancing his cooking skills. Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been creating funny and informative content on her social media.

Deonna and Gregory are the Proud Parents to a Boy

Deonna McNeill Okotie and Gregory Okotie were a successful match right from the start. While Deonna was shy, Gregory was confident and outspoken. The pair’s differences were obvious, and it was also what helped build their compatibility. They were the ideal definition of opposites attract, and when Decision Day came, fans were thrilled to see both of them say “Yes” to the prospect of being with each other. Deonna and Gregory’s marriage since their time on ‘MAFS’ has only grown and strengthened over time. They announced their pregnancy in 2020, and the couple’s son, Declan Okotie, was born on February 28, 2021.

In the same year, the couple started their YouTube channel, ‘The Okoties,’ which has been quite a hit with their fans, as they get the latest updates on their favorites, including their journey through parenthood. They also embarked on a road trip as a family of three in April 2021. Gregory founded the clothing brand Akpesiri and often has his little one model their exclusive fashion wear. The couple continues to have one of the strongest marriages in the history of the show, and their social media, which is filled with nothing but love and adoration for each other and their family, stands testament to that.

Amber is Engaged, While Matthew Maintains a Low Profile

Amber Bowles and Matthew Gwynne had one of the most talked about pairings because of Matthew’s treatment of Amber. Fans were left livid at his nonchalant attitude towards her difficult past and abandonment issues. While Amber seemed willing to work on their marriage, Matthew wasn’t the least bit interested. Even when he was accused of infidelity by her, he didn’t clearly deny the claim. Their decision to get a divorce on the final day was something that left fans relieved because of how incompatible and unhealthy the relationship was. Though the divorce was a little messy, as was seen in a 2020 ‘Where Are They Now’ special, they were finally able to put the unwanted union behind them.

After their difficult time on the show, Amber decided to move on and focus on the good in her life. In March 2021, she became a proud homeowner. Amber started dating Kevin Lal, a doctor by profession, in March 2023, after the two matched with each other on a dating app. Eight months later, in November 2023, on a vacation to the couple’s favorite spot in Grenada, they happily got engaged. While the pair are still brainstorming on marriage particulars, they’ve decided on Tokyo as the honeymoon spot, as shared by her to People. Amber and her fiance are both travel aficionados, making them a perfect match.

While she continues to teach in middle school, Amber’s social media sees all sorts of fun yet wholesome content, ranging from her travels to teacher tips, family and friends updates, and more. Meanwhile, former basketball player Matthew seems to have chosen to go off the radar a little following his time on ‘MAFS.’ On October 31, 2021, there were reports of his arrest after he had allegedly broken into his ex-girlfriend’s home. While he keeps his social media private, it seems like he’s relocated from North Carolina to Jersey City, New Jersey, and has been working as an associate in Asset Management for J.P. Morgan Chase since 2022.

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